Confirmed News about Printing in Brooklyn

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  • AuldSoul

    Well, I am certain they will be pleased to know I am VERY pleased to know they are getting a clue about the UNnecessity of their continued existence.

    To Governing Body:

    Won't be long now, fellas, 'til I smile. No more rotten egg tosses, I swear.

    You will know how it feels to find yourselves in the predicament you've placed so many other long time volunteer servants in: homeless and jobless. I hope you enjoy the view from outside your fishbowl, and I hope you have the delight of trying to earn a living without a formal education before you die, so you will know what you condemned so many of us to.

    I only wish Rutherford were alive to see what finally becomes of his precious "Channel."


  • Sunspot
    Things are more automated now. The Bethelite workers can now go home and be full time pioneers instead and increase the preaching work.

    A possible addition to Carla's comment might be...."the Bethelites can now go home, figure out how to earn a living to support fulltime pioneering to increase the tired preaching work."


  • sf

    Maybe they are secretlybeing forced out. Slowly moving out as to not draw any attention as to who is forcing them out.

    {{ shut up minimus!! }}


  • Beep,Beep

    ""The Graphics department has moved to Walkill as from Nov 30th 3005. This includes all Artwork prepartion and other associated departments. Other printing operations have also moved to Walkill.""

    ""So all the speculation you have seen in another thread about down-sizing in Brooklyn is true and official""

    Not sure why this was such speculation, with the expansion at the farm and the new presses one must have been really, really dense not to see this possibility.

  • stillajwexelder

    They are not being force out - this is a totally logical move

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