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    I have been trying to become a member of this site for weeks! I started "lurking" soon after AndersonInfo's Big News. I couldn't believe my timing! I really felt like it was the Lord's blessing. But then I had a problem registering and began to wonder if the Lord didn't want me to comment. I put it down to a technical glitch. I ended up using my husband's ID to register...hmmmm. BTW both of us our witnesses. I came in first and have been for approx 10 years and he has been in for about 3. I'm the scholar (not a lawyer though), while he is truly a christian who has no interest in studying but revels in God's love. (God bless him.) He knows that I'm up to something but loves me enough to let me do my own research. I must admit I am slyly making him aware of the many, many discrepancies.

    I have so much to say. I feel that I know so many of you personally and in the upcoming days and weeks I plan and hope to make many comments and references to several posts. AuldSoul I really appreciate your comments/warning to a newbie the other day about how not to be too sensitive about various members posts. That really encouraged me to register at any cost, even if it meant identifying the island that I'm from, which of course I haven't. It's kinda scary because I don't want it to be discovered...yet...that I want OUT! I have always been a spiritual person and really thought that I had found the truth. It is so heatbreaking when you finally realize that it's not and if you leave you become labeled as a person that doesn't love God and people actually stop speaking to you. (What is up with that!!!) Apostasy is one thing, but a lover of real truth that leads to Jesus is simply put, not one of Jehovah's Witnesses. (1 John 4:8 & esp. 20!)

    I want to go on and on and on, but after reading so many posts, I know for some the shorter the better. I LOVE this site. It's healthy and I know with all of my being that more and more folks are going to discover it. The internet has become a natural resource for people. I laughed when someone pointed out that if a bro or sis saying made a comment in reference to something they read from the internet, the type of reaction they would get. I know in mind I would have automatically said he's read some or all sites like '';'; and of course this wonderful site, not to mention so many others. I particulalrly like the posts that refer to the meetings ahead of time.I feel so well informed! I have explored in depth the new 'reexaminer' site and it is fantastic with great promise.

    A last point/contribution that I would like to make is that last night in the local needs talk it was so apparent that the elders have been encouraged to reach out and be loving and kind to both active and inactive witnesses. The GB et. al. ('and company' for those who don't speak latin) feel threatened. Gone are the days were they can browbeat the flock and make them feel like crap. If they don't stop people will LEAVE beacause inactivity is a great substitute for being d'fd.

    I wanna say more! but I won't bore you. THANKS Simon (?) for letting me be a part of this forum. I am anonymous right?

    Respectfully and lovingly,

    A seekerfortruth2

  • mrsjones5

    Welcome to the board Looking, glad to see you here.


  • Triple A
    Triple A

    Welcome looking for truth, hope to hear about your experiences in future posts.

  • cheezy

    Welcome, Looking. Just remember, you can't make a omelet without breaking a few eggs. And it will all turn out for the best - the truth really will set you FREEEEEEEEE!

  • Honesty

    Welcome to the board!!

    We may have differences of opinions, etc. but we all saw the about the Unfaithful Indiscreet Overlord Faithful Discreet Slave "class".

  • YoursChelbie

    Hi there,

    Yes, you are anonymous (Until you post a scan of your birth certificate and a map with detailed directions to your favorite burger restaurant) --Just kidding!

    Welcome to the Forum


  • Gretchen956

    Welcome, looking! Glad to have you among us. What makes this site so awesome is it's diversity of thought, spirituality, and many other things, as I'm sure you already know!



  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Welcome, we're glad you made it.

  • serendipity

    Hi looking, welcome to the forum! I'm curious as to how you handle field service if you're still active.

  • Cellist

    Hi Looking. Glad to have you here. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

    Great first post by the way.


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