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  • FreeWilly

    Drew: "I simply can't believe that I never once questioned this most basic idea."

    That's easy. They bore the crap out of you with endless unrelated scriptures until you just "check out", nodd your head and just get past it all.

    It's kinda like when the used car salesman has you in his office signing hours worth of paperwork. At first you read it all. Then after a while you just sign away your firstborn child just to get the hell outta there.

    Isn't it embarrassing how we bought in to this crap at one time?

  • peacefulpete

    Auldsoul, you are right of course. That is why I posted enough info about Daniel so that those intersted in learning more can take up the research or at least ask questions by way of response. My call to move on was not an insult but an invitation to a new life.

  • truth about the last days
    truth about the last days

    Answer for yaddayaddas question. From the history found so far. C.T.Russell predicted the 1914 time from the Great Pyramid of Egypt. We all can look on Ebay canada and see the books being sold with his books with a fold out chart called "Plan of the Ages". If anyone has got a "Proclaimers" book at home (history of Jehovahs Witnesses) turn to page 139, the brothers in India has this chart in the background.The picture was taken in 1915. C.T Russell predicted that Jesus second comming for the 1000yrs would start in 1914 on earth. In 1915 he was very upsept that Jesus did not arrive. Then he said that Jesus comming was to be an invisable one in 1914. His death was in 1916. His lawyer, later known as Judge Rutherford took over as president of the WT. Some years passed and seeing that the Pyramid idea has its pagan Egyption ideas (reincarnation, eg.) the 1914 could not hold water anymore only that WW1 happened. After looking at scriptures, he found the "seven times" in Daniel. The rest is history. keith

  • truth about the last days
    truth about the last days

    NOTICE OF APOLIGY. My humblest apoligies to you all.I mentioned earlier that it was Judge Rutherford that had started the 606bc to 1914ad. I have just got a copy of the Revelation book and on page 105 states that "The bible is clear and strong that the "times of the Gentiles" is a period of 2520 years, from the year B.C.606 to and including 1914."- Studies in the Scriptures, Vol 2, written by C.T.Russell and published in 1889, page 79. So I was wrong to say that it was Judge Rutherford that started the 606 to 1914, when it was C.T.Russell. However, I do know that C.T.Russell did use the "chart of the ages" from the Great Pyramid towards his calcalations. And later on Judge Rutherford could not use the pyrimid any longer- but based it on the book of Danial. Once again, I apoligise. keith.

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