Kingdom Halls . . . what to do when you leave . . . this is from KM

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  • garybuss

    Our Kingdom Ministry June, 2004 p. 3 Announcements
    "In order to ensure the security of the Kingdom Hall, the last person to leave the building should lock the door. . . "

  • atypical

    Gary, thanks for the laugh. I would love to go back to a meeting and attempt to be the last one to leave. I bet I could keep a couple of elders there all night trying to out-wait me!!!

  • DaveNwisconsin

    You forgot one other point, light a sofa on fire at the exit and then lock the door. Poof!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Thanks for reminding me of that Gary, I vaguely remember it. In my old kh, we had a high wall and padlocked gate as well - its a rough area. No one needed to be reminded to lock up, I doubt the kh would still have been intact for the next meeting if we'd left it unlocked.

  • garybuss

    I can only guess why they printed that piece of advise:-)

  • Scully

    Is this just a local phenomenon, or do other Kingdom Halls™ have a PRIVATE PROPERTY - NO TRESPASSING sign at the entrance to the driveway/ parking lot?

    Another local Kingdom Hall™, the one we used to attend, actually has barricades across the entrance/exit to the parking lot. I could understand keeping the barricade up when the building was vacant... but we saw it in action while a meeting on Sunday afternoon (open to the public) was taking place. Apparently the doors are also being locked during the meetings. So don't you dare be late... or try to leave before the meeting is over!!

  • LDH


    Also may I remind you to wipe your bum after you've gone to the bathroom. And please sneeze into your sleeve, not your hands!


    Obvious Class

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh


    You may think that this id obvious but it was not long ago I saw a thread around with a WBTS quote about washing your hands after you've compled your buisness in the toilet room.

  • LDH


    SHUT UP!

  • garybuss

    Lol @ Lisa

    I thought when I read the door lock announcement that the intellectual level of the audience that was written to must be about third grade. Sorry if I insulted any third graders.

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