I can't rid myself of my overzealous family

by Nadsam 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nadsam

    I can drink, I can smoke, I can curse, steal , lie, cheat, but no matter what I do I still get the latest releases shoved in my mailbox. My family is relentless. I am DA's, DF'd, Apostate you name it but still can't break free....there should be a ex-witness protection program hehehe

  • blondie

    How about shredding them and put them in an envelope without a return address and mailing it to them. Just a few shreds are enough.

    Why not start calling them up around midnight to talk about what you think about the articles.


  • mrsjones5

    shove them back in their mailbox with the message "return to sender - address unknown"

  • greendawn

    Save them then make a pile and burn them to produce some warmth during some cold winter day. The dubs don't have much warmth as human beings but at least you can get some warmth by burning their publications.

  • minimus

    Call them up and talk "apostate" to them. Tell them all the things Witnesses cringe at. Send them emails and apostate information.

  • Nadsam

    Kinda difficult if its your folks...and theyre old.

    Minimus, please check I pm'd you

  • truth about the last days
    truth about the last days

    If you prefer not to have them,tell them. If they dont listen to you, go to the kingdom hall and tell their elders in the congregation that you do not want them. But tell the elders calmly and nicely. There is no need to start friction between family members.The Elders, to whom may not know you, will have a word with them, perhaps not to waste spritual food when you are going to dispose of it in some way after you have recived them. This is only a suggestion. keith

  • avishai

    Tell 'em to keep 'em coming!! Put Silentlambs brochures, etc., in them and go "evil slaving". Put them in laundromats, hospital waiting rooms, etc., Oh, and put some stuff on how messed up their bloodpolicy is inside the ones for the hospital!

    And if you want them to stop, tell them that that is exactly what you plan on doing with their literature

  • RubaDub

    If you have PhotoShop or some other photo software, get a scan of the Harlot riding the seven-headed Wild Beast from the Babylon book and have your face pasted on her body.

    That should get the point across.

    Rub a Dub

  • justicehope

    Why not look at it as an act of love, rather than an annoyance?

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