WTBS--What's the motive?

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  • zagor
    Work? I wasn't aware the Governing Body worked. One poster just wrote that the only jobs left in Brooklyn where the Governing Body is located, is a laundry. I rather doubt they are working in the laundry. These guys are fat cats. They are cruisers. If you have evidence these guys work, I'd like to see it. All the reports I get says they don't. They don't even do the writing. They have people hired to do that.

    From what I hear they don't even go to field service any more like the rest of rank and file...

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I agree with ozziepost. These people really think they are in a special relationship with God. From the average publisher on the way up. Ray Franzs books attest to this fact. No conspiracy, no super evil demonic motives. Instead its men who think they are God ordained, acting like men do.

    Just like you and I believed in the Watchtower at one point or another, in the same manner current members continue to believe.

  • sammielee24
    So, are their $1 Billion dollar anual earnings are just a side-effect

    The GB have the use of yachts and planes that belong to the watchtower don't they? Isn't that what I heard somewhere before? This being a perk of the GB, it would probably be difficult to find out how much they all spend on travel and vacation costs from the donated funds. Are there registered boats/planes? and has anyone ever been able to locate the logs, both financial and travel for these accessories? I'm not sure what their motive is any longer - I have to wonder if they aren't simply the front for the force behind. I wonder if someone could fill us in on what goes on in the day of one of the GB - meetings? etc......

  • atypical

    I think also that they really believe they are chosen by God and directed by angels. Money is just one of the most powerful drugs out there. Power is usually ranked just as high or higher than money. Control is also on the level with the other two. Sort of a motivational trinity.

    I think they are drunk with the thought of being the mediator between six million people and God. That belief allows them to commit any kind of atrocity in the name of "righteousness". They can even control families, splitting them right down the middle. It's the kind of wacked out rush that has moved people all through history to do insane, violent things.

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