WTBS--What's the motive?

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  • lynnmelo

    My sister and I have speculated for quite some time about the possible motives of the GB and all others in charge of the WTBS, i.e., their raison d'etre, so to speak. After finding out about some of the history of the WTBS and the supposed F&DS, I realized that they weren't God's spokepeople on earth. But, then, what's their motive for all the work they're doing in the organization? Is it just power? Or, are they like politicians, i.e., some starting out with noble intentions and just becoming corrupt? I've read posts in which people allude to some monetary gain, but nothing really specific has been mentioned (at least in the posts I've read). So, what's their motive?

  • ozziepost

    their motive is the worst of all, they actually believe they are god's chosen!

    That's why good reasoning has no effect on them.

  • zagor

    I agree with aussie, I also think that most of them actually believe it. Of course, that alone doesn't make them right, just more dangerous.

  • wombat

    It may be Ozzie.........but who wouldn't want to be in a position of control of a huge corporation with incredible assets.

    Not for personal gain. I could never believe that that any of them would be personally dishonest.

    But the prestige The feeling of success that you have made it to the top of the pile.

    I'd prefer to believe that they are acting from their hearts but yet tell deliberate lies and take shortcuts to make it easier for their organisation. That's a no-no - even if done on Jehovah's behalf.

    (I've got a mother and a few kids who adore me. If someone offered me a job where 6 million people would adore me, I guess that I would accept it too).

    Cheers ......Wombat

  • Apostanator

    Money & Power

  • Jamelle

    This may be a very cynical attitude - but money talks and the rest walks.

    And the old saying, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." comes to mind as well.

    Among the group that really controls the Society there may be some fanactic, true believers - but deep down I think its about power and money. Whatever may have prompted these men in the first place, I highly doubt their motives are so pure anymore.

    They lie, cheat, slander and kill to protect their position, their power, their brand name and their bank accounts.

    They make me sick.

  • AlmostAtheist

    It could easily be a mix of all the things mentioned so far. You see how much the rank&file JW's eat up their "elite" status, they love it! Imagine being not one of 6 million, but one of the handful of the governing body! What a freakin' rush! (As long as you kept your personal guilt batted down)

    In Crisis of Conscience, Ray Franz quoted a GB member or two in a way that seemed to suggest they really do think they are running the one organization that will lead men to salvation. So I think that's a large part of their motive. If it were money or power, I'd think you'd see some break-away attempts with some GB members trying to grab up some power and head off on their own. While the money and power has to be there in their minds, I believe it's the "we're leading people to god" mentality that's driving them.


  • Jamelle

    Good points Dave. I didn't think about it that way. It makes the whole GB thing even scarier to me when I think about it that way.

  • Gill

    I remember asking the same question a year ago.

    The answers were much the same then, and after a years discussion I believe that:

    1) The majority of the GB actually BELIEVE all this crap

    2) They're on one serious power trip....imagine being one of the 12 on earth who speak for God. Any whim they might have is probably given in to because of being God's chosen few.

    3) Even if they had doubts they have no way of expressing their doubts and no where else to go....they're trapped for the rest of their lives.

    4) I doubt whether any of the GB have large bank balances but that makes no difference. They live their lives in luxury. Not for them out in FS every morning trying to get 90 hours a month in!

  • stillAwitness

    Good point AlmostAtheist. Then again the man is a genius.

    Basically there just wackos I guess.

    Could we honestly say that if a member of the GB needed a blood transfusion or he would die; would he choose death?

    If yes, than they truly do think they are God's chosen people and JW's are doomed.

    If no, then they know its all a lie but crave the money and power... and JW's are still doomed.

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