WTBS--What's the motive?

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  • Gerard
    I believe it's the "we're leading people to god" mentality that's driving them.

    So, are their $1 Billion dollar anual earnings are just a side-effect?

  • jgnat

    What kind of qualities does a man need to rise to the top of an autocratic multi-million dollar business run by committee? I think a review of Gorbachev's biography can give us a few clues.

    - NEVER reveal your innermost thoughts to anybody. Appearance is everything.

    - DON'T STAND OUT in committee meetings. Always go with the majority.

    - GET DIRT on nearly everyone, but keep it close to your chest. Only use it when absolutely necessary.

    - BE AMBITIOUS, but not overtly so.

    - CONFORM, be UNITED, GUARD the status quo.

    - SHOW COMPLETE LOYALTY to your mentors.


  • FairMind

    I can tell you what their motive isn't. It isn't love, impartiality and justice for the R&F.

  • DannyHaszard

    Danny cites the "trifecta of the three "P's" and they are POWER + PRESTIGE + P****& the driving engine of the cult demigod

  • garybuss

    The motive is money!

    You wrote: "what's their motive for all the work they're doing in the organization?"
    Work? I wasn't aware the Governing Body worked. One poster just wrote that the only jobs left in Brooklyn where the Governing Body is located, is a laundry. I rather doubt they are working in the laundry. These guys are fat cats. They are cruisers. If you have evidence these guys work, I'd like to see it. All the reports I get says they don't. They don't even do the writing. They have people hired to do that.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    What is the motive behind ANY religion? Why would the Watchtower be any different?

  • Bryan

    I'm not even sure thay really believe the crap. Imagine, what would these guys do if they didn't have their positions and the Tower? They have nothing! They have no where to go.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • AuldSoul
    some starting out with noble intentions and just becoming corrupt?

    I believe this is what happened. They started out with the best of intentions and it all went straight to hell on a freshly paved road.


  • jgnat

    Take a look at the list of qualities needed to rise to the top, and tell me what kind of person would be able to maintain a noble calling? It would take a rare man. He'd have to hide his true motives his entire career. I do know that con artists who play the game too long are no longer able to tell the difference between reality and their well-rehearsed story.

  • Mum

    jgnat's list is very good. There's a book I have at home that touches this topic; it's called The 48 Laws of Power. The road to power is amoral. Each of the laws (the first being "Never outshine the master") is illustrated with various anecdotes about the powerful in politics, business, and religiion as well as just plain con artists. This book has been very enlightening in helping me to understand how power works.

    I am also reminded by jgnat's more recent post of the film The Man Who Would Be King. The main characters were believed to be gods by the residents of a remote village. They enjoyed their status and power and actually did begin to believe they were gods. They got too cocky and lost everything.

    On the road to self-empowerment,


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