Anybody answered personal adds from dating services?

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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Yes, but when I use the words "already detonated" with blonde bombshell, I seem to lose their interest.

  • Sunnygal41
    Yes, it's been brought out already by OldFlame that women lie about their weight. Seriously, weight doesn't matter to me. It's who someone really is: sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, their political views, spiritual views, feelings about women, feelings about family, their hobbies and passions that matter to me.

    hehe, whoops! OF, you're in it now! In all seriousness though, FHN is a gorgeous woman, with the cutest overbite........she's going to kill me, but, I am serious, she is beautiful and I DO find her overbite adorably cute............but, I'm a woman. (she also happens to have a wonderful YOUNGER, HANDSOME man as a live in. Women who are supportive and noncompeting and MATURE find the good things in their fellow woman, and have reached that stage in their lives (more importantly) where they are nonjudgemental and accepting of all human beans.............I admit to being a bit of a hermitess, having a kind, caring live in to call my own, but, it is good to be able to go out and mingle and feel that acceptance of self and others. When I was a Dub, I could NEVER relax and feel okay with, this is another great area of growth I've experienced now that I am out. It is a direct result of first being able to be okay with self, then you can apply that same "love" to others you share the earth with............

    Sorry, I've gone off topic a bit, but, I wanted to defend my GF. I've met people from the internet. I've found them, as a whole, to be exactly who they represent themselves to be, and, except for one young guy who I met in a bar, and I later found he'd given me a computer virus, the experiences have been positive. It's as someone else already posted, people are people, and there are positive and negative, on the 'net and off.

    Terri...........mwah, to CB!!

  • codeblue

    Hi Terri

  • TallTexan

    I've been told that the extra weight keeps things spicy. Different folds to experiment with. Some guys even name them.
    Dude, that is SO messed up....I'm still laffing......

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