Anybody answered personal adds from dating services?

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  • stillajwexelder

    But I ask you, Stilla, do they lie about their weight? Are they secretly slobs?

    Probably - I am not condemning dating services and personal adds - hell it is possible I mayy need them one day, but some of them I just know huge lies are being told - e.g their weight as you say, and how much hair they have (bald) - and it is not just the men who lie - I am sure some women lie in these personals also.

  • FlyingHighNow
    I am sure some women lie in these personals also.

    Yes, it's been brought out already by OldFlame that women lie about their weight. Seriously, weight doesn't matter to me. It's who someone really is: sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, their political views, spiritual views, feelings about women, feelings about family, their hobbies and passions that matter to me.

  • codeblue

    as I already brought out...MEN Lie about their the guy that liked my friend who joined the online dating service. HE told me before he told her. He first accused her having a photo that was 10 years old, when in fact it was 3 years old.

  • codeblue

    Welcome Memyselfndi..........noticed it was your first post!!!

  • oldflame

    I look for things like honesty which is the most important to me. I don't lie and I don't care for liars. I also look for thing like values, morals, cleanliness, feelings about family etc. It is not just a weight thing. If the person was honest about there weight it might be a little different, but as I see it, if someone is going to lie about their weight, what else are they telling lies about ?

    I have not had much luck in the online dating thing, there are way to many head game players in these kind of places and I will not waste good money so people can play games with my head. I find it better to find someone who is upfront and in person, like my church or the neighbor lady down the street.

    There are all kinds of great people in our beautiful planet, skinny ones, fat ones, ugly or beautiful and I make it a habit to not judge someone by their looks but for more whats on the inside. I have many friends who are over weight people and are wonderful friends. But for me I also look for what the future will bring for me in a relationship. Overweight people tend to have a lot of health problems and usually do not live a very long life. I try to consider the long term side of a relationship and not the short term.

  • serendipity

    Hi memyselfndi, welcome to the forum! It seems as if you've had happy results from your online dating experience. That gives me hope.

  • FlyingHighNow
    It is not just a weight thing. If the person was honest about there weight it might be a little different, but as I see it, if someone is going to lie about their weight, what else are they telling lies about ?

    It's true. If a person will lie about their age or weight or other things, they might lie about bigger things.

    I was smiling while reading this, thinking that someone could do the opposite, tell that they are overweight, so that when you meet them you get a pleasant surprise.

    When you get to be into the forties, you do have to consider whether a potential life mate is healthy. Will you lose them too early? That kind of thought does cross my mind: mortality. I am with Andy, so this is not an issue.He is slender and fit and healthy. He does smoke though. He had cut it down to half a pack a day. He's younger than me, not older. I hope he can quit before too long.

    For me, I am much more healthy since I left the WTBTS. I have found that stress will make you get all kinds of illnesses, including weight gain. I was much less healthy when I was a younger woman. I've learned, this past year, that I need to keep my life as stressfree as possible. I allowed the stress to build up too much and I ended up getting strepthroat. That is something you generally don't get unless you are overextended and stressed.

  • LDH

    True email exchange from yesterday.


    I'm going to join a dating serviceā€¦. I need to find me a man! Soon!!!!!


    silly girl. Do you remember what happened that time you joined the other dating service, the guy with three jobs!!!!!




    what were his three jobs? Coupon clipper Amway distributor?


    coupon SELLER - .5 for coupons with expiration dates, .10 for coupons with NO expiration date online gambling - which hadn't brought him a profit "as of yet" diet shake seller -

    True story. We laughed so hard when she told us all about this at work.


    One Job's Enough if it's Legit, Class

  • black adder
    black adder

    personal dating services are not what it says on the tin because what you get is the opposite of what you expected. So if you want what is right then lie just as we have learnt to with a straight face by the borganization If you want to meet someone then get off your computer and get out there. Go dancing go clubbing go to sports clubs and if desperate go to a convention. lol blackadder

  • G Money
    G Money

    I agree that online dating is a last resort. I've perused pix and profiles and the real thing is the best deal unless you are shy or have some social phobia. Many lie, with the most common lies being already those mentioned of bald guys, old guys, married people, using pix from when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and fat chix. But then again if you aren't any of those, why join their world? I think it is a western world, US phenomenon as it hasn't caught on yet in latinamerica like the craze in the US. I've seen tv ads for online dating sites in the US!

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