Anybody answered personal adds from dating services?

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  • codeblue

    I am friends with a divorced woman.....(true to myself, because I have once been one I share my time with one so she isn't so blue and "alone")

    She visits me and shows me her online dating sites and the things "guys" say about themselves.

    It's quite entertaining and we laugh together as she shares me her online "winks".

    One was from a guy that is "fiesty and sassy"............

    SASSY????????????????????????????????? OMG..........We busted up laughing big time...

    Anybody got some good one liners to share?


  • oldflame

    I tried a few of them several years ago and I found that the women lied too. They don't tell the truth about there weight or they play headgames with you so I don't waste my time or money in those kind of places anymore. It's almost as if they never really planned to meet you in the first place.

  • PoppyR

    I have, and although you have to sift through some of the obvious weirdos, I've met some lovely people, I think all the hype makes it out to be something funny and that people are not what they say.

    I've met 3 or 4 people I've chatted to online, and on the whole they are just as nice in the flesh, if about 10 years older than their pic

    With the obvious safety constraints, I would recommend it, I think it's a channel for people to get to know someone else without any of the rubbish associated with first impressions.


  • codeblue

    I feel for my "divorced friend"..........she doesn't want to meet anybody in a bar..........that is not a "quality place" to meet people...

    She has met local people form being on line.......and meets them in a local restaurant or pub.......

    I find the process rather interesting after my JW experience.......when we could only date JW's.......and most of them by the time you are 40 are zero' NOT joking...

  • FlyingHighNow
    They don't tell the truth about there weight

    Aw, please don't tell me you have a fat prejudice.

  • codeblue

    My friend met at a pub here and I drove here.......she was so depressed after putting up her xmas tree.

    The guy was waiting for her..........She was mingling in the crowd but introduced me to I guess I wouldn't be sitting alone. ( was getting a kick outta watching this single woman work a room)

    This guy asked me my age and was shocked at how YOUNG I was. Then he said: "how old do you think I am"........hmmmmmmmmm

    I don't like guessing.......he said, in the personals hw was 44, but confessed he was really 51.

    GUYS lie too............

    When my gf found out he lied about his age she was ticked. He had the nerve to aske her how old her picture was on the website. SINCE i was sitting right there, I validated it was only 3 years old......he insisted it was a picture of 10 years ago........JERK......................

  • serendipity

    A few years back, I entered the world of online JW dating and lived to tell about it. It was a joke. There were a bunch of 20 somethings (or so they said)contacting just about every female. They usually claimed to be from Africa. I politely emailed back and forth with a few, but I asked questions about them and didn't answer their questions about me, or was vague in responses. They quickly backed off. The old had IM capability and that was a mess. All sorts of guys IM'd me. I was suspicious of many of them. There were some that started talking about marriage within a few minutes. I think it was a bunch of young guys just having some fun, toying with the women.

    I did meet one brother. He actually looked better in person than in his photo, so no surprises there. He was a decent guy, and had his run ins with the elders, so he wasn't a fanatic JW. He told me his adventures in online dating. The sisters evidently sent suggestive photos, emphasized how submissive they are, and were quick to declare their love for him. Other sisters were just rude. He was really surprised by what he experienced.

  • blondie

    I don't think my husband would like me doing that.


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    My divorced 45 year old daughter is verry attractive but she has gained a little weight over the years..being a blond and the way she dresses a lot of guys hit on her.

    She answered some personal ads on the computer but when she did she sent pictures of her when she was Mrs. Illinois. That was in 1985?.

    I wanted to say"What will they think when they meet you in person?"

    I think she had 2 dates but apparently they didn't pan out..she never mentioned the on line dating again..

    Thank Goodness!

    Too many nuts out there!


  • jgnat

    I was twenty years single and I'm not cut out for the bar scene. So I used a private dating service. They conducted the interview and did the matching. You could say it was a success, I met my JW husband there. It turns out he is wildly attracted to extra padding. Paradoxically, I'm wildly attracted to a firm build. "Ooh, honey, can I squeeze your bicep again?" Temperamentally, we are perfectly suited to each other.

    I notice the personal ads are all about surface stuff. So I imagine you would end up finding shallow people that way.

    As for the internet ads, a girlfriend asked why the guys all are wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses? "That's simple", I replied, "The cap is to hide the thinning hair, and the sunglasses are so their wives won't recognize them." We were in the middle of bible-belt Alberta, and I was SHOCKED to see how many married men were publicly looking for action on the side.

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