Psychics are they real ?

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  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Well I'm a believer now!

    I commented earlier that Sylvia Brown never follows up with her accomplishments..

    Well lo and behold today she was again on Montel...and he was sprotting off all her correct predictions about Hollywood stars. World weather disasters..etc.

    I think she said next year Texas and Florida would be hit..we'll see.

    So should I be a believer now?

    After all..she did produce!...


    ps..I wondered why Montel has her on so much..then she produced a BIG check for his MS foundation and some cash she had got from the audience...Hummmmm?

  • Abaddon

    Golly, some people believe


    It is fraud and self deception. Why complicate the issue with made-up stuff? If it's not made-up, PROVE otherwise; you'll be the first if you suceed.


    Before you make up your mind, I suggest you consult the enormous volume of literature that surrounds the CIA's psychic spy program in the 1980's

    What, like this?

    Concerns about the program's effectiveness led the CIA to contract the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to provide an evaluation. Their final report included an endorsement from statistician Jessica Utts, who found the government psychics' 15% success rate statistically significant; and a rebuttal from noted skeptic Ray Hyman, who pointed to flaws in the ways the experiments were conducted and results were tabulated. AIR's final recommendation to the CIA was to terminate the program, which it did in 1995. According to the CIA, ESP has never provided data used to guide intelligence operations.

    Since the end of the government's involvement with Project Star Gate, remote viewing has entered the private sector. Companies such as PSI TECH claim to teach remote viewing procedures, and hundreds of books that detail remote viewing history and methods exist by various authors. Though a minority believes strongly in the procedure, to date the existence of remote viewing as a psychic phenomenon has not been proven to the satisfaction of the mainstream scientific community.

    Seems like it doesn't work.

    I actually met with and discussed ;things with one of the founders of the remote viewer program, Russell Targ last year. ; He will tell you that real psychics


    real psychics

    I thought you said that.

    As there's just SO MUCH evidence, could you provide some to prove there ARE real psychics?

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