Psychics are they real ?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Yes, psychics are real.

    Their claims, however, are false.

  • oldflame
    I watched Montel yesterday and he had Sylvia Brown on.

    She must have been making the rounds because she was one of them on Larry King

  • mkr32208

    Ha! I'm with Nathan!

    No, psychic phenomenon, prophecy, tarot, reading the stars, reading the guts of various killed animals and the occasional virgin are all bull$hit. Just like, Ufos, the Kennedy conspiracy, the Bermuda triangle, Bigfoot, Roswell, Scientology, god, Jesus, angels, demons, the devil, creationism, intelligent design, leprechauns, bill O reilly, racism in king Kong, Russel freemasonry, etc etc etc....

    Any thing else I can help with?

  • unique1

    I believe very few are legitimate. The ones who help the FBI (yes they do have people who do this), I believe are really in touch with something most of us are not. I think if you truly have this gift you would not charge for it like the majority of the fake ones do. I also think sometimes maybe it is just that these people can tap into a part of their brain 99% of us havent' figured out how to use yet. As a previous poster said, who knows, maybe it will be commonplace in the future.

  • ButtLight

    Well, I only talked to One out of many that actually told me things that were impossible to know. It freaked me out (and cost me 80 bucks for the phone call) The only thing I gave her was my first name. She knew I had two friends over the night before, described them to a tee, and told me why they were there. It was for a business deal. She knew I had just purchased a new van and the color. Described my boyfriend to me, she knew he had long hair and was Italian. She was wrong on a few things. She said she didnt see a move coming, and I moved here. She also said I was going to marry my bf there, and that never happened. But, she was dead on with alot of things.

  • Abaddon


    racism in king Kong

    LOL, did you get the tooth fairy in there as well?

    buttlight Well, I only talked to One out of many that actually told me things that were impossible to know Well, either;

    1. you got the real one and they have avoided taking the controlled tests that ALL psychic foolish enough to take them fail
    2. you fell for 'cold reading', a very skilled an useful technique that you can be trained in.
    Which do YOU think is more likely? You got the only REAL psychic or you got rolled by someone so skilled you felt grateful to them afterwards?
  • greendawn

    They are fruitcakes but also they get info from demonic spirits, it's not a good idea to have dealings with them, at the end of the day they have nothing good or useful to offer.

  • lonelysheep

    lol @ Elsewhere!

    I've never had experience w/one, so I don't know if they're real or not.

    I've only ever had my cards read.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hard to accept, hard to dismiss.

    I have a friend that buys it, tells me what the psychic said and how it's all true and how could they know it all? Yet when I nail her down to the actual conversation, she says vague things like, "You know a tall man, he's close to you." Of course, there are also more on-the-spot comments like, "There is a Brian in your life, he's changing jobs, he drives a black car", all which happens to be true.

    clearly if you go to enough psychics one of them will tell you something correct, whether using the "cold read" or simply guessing. And once you believe you're being fed information from a higher source, you're more likely to believe it. (For twenty years I believed my prayers were being answered, and I could PROVE it!)

    But there are a number of experiences people relate that seem to suggest there is a source of knowledge that they are in tune with that I'm not. This is a tricky business to just dismiss, since it is so convincing on its face.

    But the wider questions come to mind. If people have this power, why don't they USE it? Why not tell us where the hell Bin Laden is? Why not predict the stock market, then give the money to charity? Why not print the names of the kids that are going to be struck by cars tomorrow so we can keep an eye out for them and avoid the accident?

    If psychics were real, I think we'd see more use of their powers in everyday life.


  • metatron

    Before you make up your mind, I suggest you consult the enormous volume of literature that surrounds the CIA's psychic spy

    program in the 1980's. I actually met with and discussed things with one of the founders of the remote viewer program,

    Russell Targ last year. He will tell you that real psychics don't want any 'frontloading'! That is, they don't want to know

    about the target ( such as you) because it inteferes with the process. If they start asking you questions as if groping, forget it.

    It's important to be "blind" about the target - to avoid what the CIA's program called "AOL" , analytical overlay that the mind

    instantly produces, that's usually wrong.


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