Psychics are they real ?

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  • oldflame

    I was just watching Larry King live on CNN about these type of people. It was said that they are only about 25% accurate. Have you ever had any experience with a psychics or what is your thoughts on these kind of people. Especially those who speak to the dead.

  • oldflame

    darn it I misspelled and reedited it but still comes up misspelled

  • calico

    Oh you're gonna get picked on for spelling! It's psychic.

  • oldflame

    Oh I know I'll get my head cut off for that one LOL

  • calico
    calico's been one will ever know!

  • wednesday

    I have consulted a psychic in person, she knew nothing.She said she could not "read" me. She was however able to "read' the friend who came with me. I have spoke to online psychics a few times, mosty they offer counsel /advice. Many of them ae psychology majors, and just know how to get info out of people.

    I have read a lot of threads here about this and related subjects and I'm inclined to agree with those that feel a lot of psychics have hallucantions, which they interpert as visions and converstions with the dead, instructions from God, their sirit guide etc.

    I'd like to believe this was true, that you could contact deceased relatives. Wouldn't benefit me, my relatives all hated each other and barely spoke to each other when they were alive. Can't imagine them dropping by for a visit now that they are deceased.

    I know I have dreams that come true. They are generally only involving my family and often indicating illness. Probably there is just so much more the mind is capable of and maybe what we think is psychic now, will be commonplace one day.I am still open minded about this,however.


  • oldflame

    Hmmmmm must be a dead thread

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I watched Montel yesterday and he had Sylvia Brown on. Just watching her makes me Ill!..She is so full of it. She spouts off all this goofy stuff. I can't believe so many people believe her stuff.

    What about follow-ups to show she can actually solve crimes?

    Not gonna happen.


  • Elsewhere

    I believe Psychotics are real.

  • Abaddon

    No, they are not demonstrably 'for real', not that that stops some people believing in them.

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