What were/are your dating adventures like?

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  • serendipity

    [email protected]

    If more guys had your stringent criteria, I might have a chance.

  • stillAwitness

    LOL! Funny stuff!

    Man, reading everyone else's stories makes me realize mine aint all that bad. Looks like things will get worse.

  • Jamelle

    Lets see...I started off by dating a bad boy, or at least he wanted to seem like one, rode a motorcycle, had a leather jacket, the whole nine yards.

    Then there was the slimeball - sexy as hell but very evasive about how he spent alot of his time. Oh yeah, that would be with his WIFE. Moving on (because I immediately did)...

    Then there was the stoner. More of a summer romance if you will. He gave me a bs excuse about not being able to date because his daughter was visiting (for a few months) and I got the message. He tried to start dating me again later but I was already seeing someone else. He actually ended up being killed a few years back in a freak construction accident - weird, huh?

    Then there was the era of the sensitive, animal loving, not-quite over his breakup with long term ex-girlfriend guy. He started acting weird so I broke up with him. He tried to get back together but on practically the first date he was acting goofy and I had had enough of THAT.

    Then there was the heartbreaker. Everything I had ever wanted in a guy. Tall, handsome, smart and funny. Two years of my life went by while I danced to his tune. I was a low priority for him but I was so crazy about him I didn't let myself see that. I also didn't let myself see the alcoholism or the total phobia about commitment of any kind. I got dumped when another girl came along. (I am happy to report that she wrecked his car and broke his heart by dumping him 6 months after they started dating. )

    And finally, there was Mr. Right - my wonderful husband who loves me and spoils me rotten. He kind of swept me off my feet, ya know?

    It's funny to read back over this! How can so much emotion and experience be summed up in so few words? Go figure!

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