What were/are your dating adventures like?

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  • stillAwitness

    I try not to take dating too seriously at this point in my life. I'm only 22, still have so many things to figure out as far as my future goes and so I try to see every date I go on as simply an adventure. A journey that will bring me closer to whoever "Mr. Right may be.

    I've gone through them all : the "Bad Boy" who took me "liking it rough" just a little too seriously and ended up freaking me out in bed. The "Mama's Boy" who would text his mother during dinner. (Now how weird is that??!!) The "Rich Guy" who would take me to those funky restaurants where the menu is in another language and I always ended up ordering something with eyes and a squishy tail. The "Med Student" who would fall asleep everytime we went to the movies togethor and would read over class notes in his blackberry. And most recently today was: The "Older Guy" who was a 30 year old real estate agent that my friend thought I would be perfect for until he got on the phone with his lawyer during our meet and greet at Fridays where we meant for lunch and started going totally berserk about something his ex-wife was demanding (I found out later he was going through a messy divorce but of course my friend failed to mention this) After that our meet-up went sour as he ranted on about that "selfish cow who thinks she's gonna clean me dry." Really weird and uncomfortable for me.

    I suppose I can't get frustrated but sometimes I'm like: "man, does it get any worse?"

    What was dating like for you or if you still do are your expierences good/bad or both?

  • SixofNine
    the "Bad Boy" who took me "liking it rough" just a little too seriously and ended up freaking me out in bed.

    Oh my, that sounds terrible. *concerned expression*.

    Why don't you sit down and tell Six all about it. *pats couch*

    *pours drink(s)*

    "man, does it get any worse?"

    Let me tell you some stories.....

    No, actually I've been very lucky. The only date I can think back on that couldn't end soon enough, was someone who simply, even though she'd suggested the date initially, had nothing to say. Since I'm not exactly Chatty Cathy myself (though believe me, I was trying), it was both extremely uncomfortable, and extremely boring.

  • Quentin

    Sigh...mundane...married the first girl that said yes to: Will you marry me?

  • stillAwitness

    Ha Ha Six

    And how great is that Quentin? Man, I suppose some of us get the fairy tale ending. I'm still waiting on mine.

  • Quentin
    ... Man, I suppose some of us get the fairy tale ending. I'm still waiting on mine.

    Heh!...Heh!...Yeah me too...(glances over shoulder to make sure wife is asleep)...fell in love on the spot, asked her to marry on the thrid date, she said yes...I was twenty-two and a virgin, she was twenty-six and two years divorced from a five year marriage...three weeks later drove up to Oklahoma and got married...didn't tell a soul, except my cousin who was supposed to do the wedding ceremony at the KH...longest date I've ever been on...

  • stillAwitness

    Aren't you quite the charmer Quentin.

  • Es

    ok heres a few....

    First guy i was with was a brother who only wanted to have a feel, he would touch me in places not appropriate in the borg and then one day decided i wasnt who he wanted to be with.

    Second- was my first hubby ( a brother), he was wonderful at first and then we got married he had sex and then lost interest in being married. The week of our married life he spent 70 hours on the computer.

    Third- was my hubby now but at the time it was bad timing, he didnt know if he wanted instant family as i had a son to first hubby, so that was 8 months of up and down.

    Fourth- was a 38 year old he was lots of fun, and loaded. But didnt want commitment, he wasnt ready for a relationship, so that was the end of that.

    Fifth- was a really nice guy who turned into a bit of a how do you put it??? He was in my face all the time. He practically moved in within three weeks, and was just always here. I couldnt cope with it. I remember one time he talked through my entire show on tv by the end of the night i was ready to kill him, so hence i broke up with him the next day

    Sixth- is my wonderful hubby and man number 3 (see above) he realised he did want a family, marriage the whole deal, and we havnt looked back. Its great.

  • Quentin
    Aren't you quite the charmer Quentin.

    Only thing I had going for me stillawitness...Back then I could charm the socks off a snake. Truth is Kathy was the first girl I ever dated that showed an interest in me as a person and not my potential as a bread winner or upwardly mobile JW. I wasn't Bethel material and she didn't care.

  • G Money
    G Money

    Oh my...

    Lots of good sex but not many serious relations, dang, I meet the real interesting ones like...

    The sister who would throw me off when she was about to come as she was saving it for marriage... she had an 8 year old.

    Then came the one where I was #2, she hadn't had it in a year and was a virgin until 31 and not a sister and she was odd but very hot.

    Then there was the one from 2 weeks ago who was young and cute and we hit it off, very well and she left at 3am. I found it weird she didn't call me the next day until I went to a formal dinner and she as there with her boyfriend. Sucker got sloppy 2nds. Cross that one off the list or place her on the late night call list.

    If a girl likes me, I don't like her and vice versa or if we do like each other, one of us lives a real long distance away, like South America. Oh well, I am demanding, well picky is better.

    I've got more funny stories, actually thought about writing down all the interesting stuff as it would make good reading.

  • Sparkplug

    Damn... I meant to be the first poster on this. It sounded like it could be so funny and it truly has been. I got distracted and now my stories are old stuff.

    I will try to keep it short. But I have had the good and bad of dating.

    Mostly good. I am pretty adaptable so lots of things are fun.

    I have dated the younger, the older, the calouse the fragile and from drop dead gorgeous to drop dead ugly and missing an eye. I find it hard to stick to any particular because I see so much beauty in so many people. I have learned from them all. The most fun is when someone suprises you and they take you somewhere you have never been, and keep your taste in mind.

    The scariest date was when I was new to Texas and am bi-racial. I guess this person could not tell and he proceeded to tell me how his JW relative...(of all people) had actually condoned his cousin marrying of all things, the horror, a black man. I kept very quiet and was glad when he took me home. Loose that number.

    I went on a blind date once and it actually was so good I refuse to go on another, for fear I would blow that great time.

    I have dated very rich and very poor. It does not matter when they have personality what amount they make.

    I even date..er...yeah that was it a person whom I later found out to be a DF'ed witness. That was awkward. (I was DF'ed too). So I kind of ran from that one. It was really strange finding that out at that point of time I was at.

    The lying bull rider who said he was single.

    The artistic type who wanted to paint me. (not a canvas)..me.

    The old Disco God..LAMO (I stole his wet wipes as I left his home.) I found it very odd that he kept baby wipes to keep clean after poo. I guess he had sticky pooo. (much to my embarrasment, lots of people keep these)

    The raging lunatic. Several of them.

    The sensitive soul.

    The compulsive liar.

    The good boy, and many bad boys.

    The dancing playboy.

    The singing cowboy.

    The religious follower.

    The very rich.

    The so poor that he stole flowers and rode his bike to see me.

    The extreme outdoorsman.

    The musician...several of them.

    The scateboarder dude.

    The, hidden from me, drug dealer.

    That would lead to a, hidden from me, drug user.

    The extreme long haired.

    The extreme no haired.

    The experimentalist..

    The scientific.

    The extreme romantic and the extreme logical.

    The very smart.

    The very boring.

    The very nice boy.

    The very comical.

    The very talented.

    The plum ass crazy...

    'tis all good. Even if bad, it is all learning.

    I never understood after getting hooked into a bad marriage at 18, how I was to have picked out one........if I never had dated.

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