Did you notice all of the Newbies this month?

by DevonMcBride 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • garybuss

    Here's a quote for the full of it crowd. :-)

    From four to six quarts of warm water injected into the colon is what constitutes an internal bath. It should be taken every day for at least six months...(Golden Age, 3/31/1920 p.437-8)

  • Honesty
    I'm a newbie! I found this website by typing in "Jehovah's Witnesses are full of sh**" and this is what I got. I'm serious! :)

    Honesty wipes his Coke off of keyboard, mouse, monitor and changes shirt. That is the funniest comment I've ever read on this board.

  • lonelysam

    yeah i agree, that is sooo funny, thats made my day!

  • greendawn

    It's great that so many new people came on the forum over the last month or two, they will no doubt bring interesting stories and ideas with them.

  • Dansk

    I was only saying to Claire this morning that there's been a lot of newbies joining

    WELCOME, ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The other good news is that over 167,000 left the Watchtower Organisation this past year!

    I really can see Watchtower's demise more clearly now. They may keep their old stalwarts, but they'll just die wrinkly in the corners. Trouble is, most are too proud to admit they had it wrong all these years. And then there's the elders who love their position and won't want to give it up. They are so puffed up with pride.

    It's a great feeling to be free and to pass elders in the street knowing that they have no control what-so-ever.


  • Gill

    Welcome to ALL the Newbies!!!

    Morning Dansk! - It is absolutely fabulous knowing that the Elders have NO power over you at all! I agree completely.

    Garybuss - That quote just proves it all - Who'd have known that the dubs were experts and exponents of colonic irrigation!!!! 'spose they need to be with being 'so full of sh**!

  • hideme

    Hi...thanks for the welcome. I'm still considered a newbie, so I feel free to reply here.

    I can't remember how I found this site. I remember one day my mom told me about the UN.

    The next months is one blur...I think I found every 'apostate' website available...and more scandals & coverups.

    But I like this one. Lots of information, lot's of stories. I like the stories. They make me feel at home.

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