Shunning someone is one of the worst things anybody can do, JW or not

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  • JH

    I guess that being shunned doesn't affect everone equally. I never did mind being shunned by JW's because I don't have any family or friends there, but being shunned by anyone you care for is cruel.

    How did you cope with being shunned?

  • jeanniebeanz

    Maybe not the best of approaches, but, I got really angry and wrote them off. I'm sure it shows... :)


  • JH

    I'm glad that the JW shunning didn't affect me.

    They didn't have much grip on me.

  • garybuss

    At first the Jehovah's Witness shunning shocked me. Then I thought it over and got a few years experience at it and I like it. It's the best gift they have ever given me. They started it but I get to say when it ends, and I say it never ends. It's working too good to mess with. Basically the Witnesses told me they didn't like me when I was a Witness and that matched the way they treated me when I associated. I'm glad to be away from them and I'm happy they are shunning me. I'll sue them if they ever quit:-)

  • Poztate
    I never did mind being shunned by JW's because I don't have any family or friends there, but being shunned by anyone you care for is cruel.

    I was never shunned...BUT did shun others including close family. I never thought it to be cruel,after all this is what god required of me.

    It is a mind is a cult ...THEY CONTROL YOU

    If they ever get out they will look back and wonder HOW they allowed this little fringe cult to take control of their lives.

  • JH

    Why is it that people want to control feel powerful? No love there...

  • kls

    Control? More like domination and i'm with Gary on this ,Shun me and leave me alone.

  • joelbear

    shunning by some family and all witness friends affected me greatly and still affects me to some extinct. i have been shunned this year by non witness friends who could not deal with my mental illness. i was shocked by the reaction that some of my friends had. cutting off all communication with me. but i am a survivor. and i will survive this too.

    i would never ignore someone who wanted to communicate with me or needed me for anything. i have no one that i dislike that much and never will. it is eerie to me that people are able to do that.

  • IronClaw

    I was shunned back in the mid 80's when I got df for the first time. My mom didn't talk to me for over a year. I went to all the meetings and got reinstated. But you know the funny thing, I never really did nothing to earn my reinstatement. What a farce. Now Im on my way out for good this time. Haven't gone to a meeting in over a year. Guess What???? Not one phone call or visit to date. So much for leaving the 99 and looking for that lone lost sheep. The elders are aware that I have read the Ray Franz books ( My wife sqeeled on me ) Oh well I guess they are to afraid to talk to me know. Nobody talks to me from the hall now anyway, so maybe they Marked me somehow. WHO CARES!!!! Jesus does : )

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    In the beginning it hurt. People never knew the real truth about what happened. All they knew was whatever he said and whatever they could make up. And boy oh boy did they ever make it up.

    After a while I realized not having my mother in my life was actually a blessing. She was/is a cruel hard woman. Even her JW family don't like her.

    And, well, the ex/elder/husband I never really wanted anything to do with him anyways so I lost nothing there

    Oh. No that's wrong. I lost the people who abused me. What's to miss?

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