I got a delivery today from Commentary Press.....

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  • PoppyR

    I have Crisis of conscience and Gentile Times reconsidered, and am in the UK, if anyone wants to borrow them (and is obviously ok with sending me their address, consider that) then I'm happy to loan them to save you the expense of buying them. I have read CoC now twice, and I think it's amazing.

    Poppy x

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I am reading the Crisis of Conscience book first.Thanks for the advice. I have to read it while "others" in the household are away, except last night I couldn't wait .I resorted to hiding it under a blanket whenever anyone came into the room. I'm half way through chapter 3 and I can tell this book is going to cause me to go through some difinite degrees of raw anger. ex:I was married in the seventies, and I remember being so anxious over what was proper conduct for married couples as far as intimacy because of the Watchtower articles.It actually caused severe stress in our relationship in those early naive years. Reading about how it affected others really opens some old wounds. Favorite quote so far "evil prevails when good men remain silent" . Well I'm off to read more .

  • LittleToe

    Aye, be aware that having a belief that the organization is altruistic is going to be completely ripped from under your feet. It can result in feelings of anger for some, though I have to confess it never affected me that way.

  • deeskis

    i ordered my copies last week. hope they come soon, I want to read them in the holidays>

  • Satanus
    I resorted to hiding it under a blanket whenever anyone came into the room.

    That's how i read parts of coc, as well. I was working w jws on an out of town job. I slept in a room w one or two other jws. Exciting times.


  • Honesty

    1. Pull the wrapper off of Cof C.

    2. Get a nice cold drink

    3. Strap yourself into your favorite chair.

    4. Hang on tight because you are about to embark on the wildest ride of your life.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    It was two years ago this month, after weeks of trepidation and fear of some unknown entitiy called 'apostate thinking', that wifey ordered the Franz' books. She had become tired of all the debate about doing so, and unknown to me, just ordered them, told me they were coming.

    I think I read both of them at least three times. I remember the fear in doing so. We lived just two blocks from my fav coffee shop, and I would take one in there on my days off and read. Sometimes a service group of witnesses would come in and I nearly had a heart attack hiding the book from sight.

    Funny how things change - I would love to have one of them see me reading those books now - I would ask them if they wanted to borrow it.

    Of course my reasons would be alterior - I love to see people running down the street screaming 'Jehovah, Jehovah, protect me from this satanic attack.' That can really make my day!


  • HappyDad

    It was early 2000 when I got the nerve to order CoC and then ISOCF.

    I felt just like Drew did.........

    I had to order the books from a local store and then pick them up. It is so strange that something as simple as a book could make me feel so nervous. I found myself saying "i can't believe it has come to this point, I'm affraid to own a book".

    .........because I was still attending the occasional meeting. The further I got into CoC the more my mind started to swim.

    I'm so happy to have read those books.


  • greendawn

    Crisis of conscience, there is nothing like it for taking us behind the scenes to see the workings of that secretive small inner circle. Perhaps Ray doesn't reveal everything he knows about them but what he does reveal completely demythologises god's "elite" on earth.

  • serendipity

    Did the WTS ever try to take legal action against Ray Franz?

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