How much written in this Forum can be believed?

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    How much written by the WBTS can be believed?.....OUTLAW

  • inbyathread

    I can't give you a precentage of what to believe or not believe but I can tell you something.

    In their group if you don't believe it, they remove you from the group.

    If you don't believe it here, I won't disfellowship you for it.

  • Beep,Beep

    There is an expression that might apply here. Believe half of what you see ?

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    That is a very interesting question and from what I've read so far I have got the impression that on JWD real people are off-loading real burdens. I thought that after 41 years in the borg that it was all sweet, but as you read some of these posts from "honest to goodness people" who seem to have had their dreams and hopes torn right out of their hearts, I look back on my life and identify some rather dicey occasions that I had accepted on think a big WOW!

    I have had so many unexplained occurances cleared up in the last month that I am gob smacked.I know for bigmouth and myself this forum is our therapy and we won't heal if we told porkies.


  • PoppyR
    What I have seen here is that people pretty much do the same. When they first get here their stories start small. As they get the support they need they share a bit more

    I think this is so true, when i first looked here the only posts I took any notice of were ones that I could check and research for myself, I seriously doubted 'apostates' and believed much of what they said to be untrue.

    Now I find comparing other peoples stories to my own experiences and realising that these things do go on, we justified and covered up and excused and presumed it was a one off

    My own experience is light compared to some, but I have personally experienced abuse (physical and emotional) from my stepfather which was tape recorded by my mother, played back to the body of elders who wiped the tape saying she 'led' him into it. He swore repeatedly on the tape at me, the worst kind of words. . After 10 years of this when he finally almost killed my mother the elders took action. And he was disfellowshipped.. and subsequently reinstated. I put that down at the time to mans imperfection. And kept saying to myself.. this is not Jehovah, this is man

    But this organisation claims to be gods organisation.

    I have opened my mind and realised that probably a lot worse and a lot more hideous things went on. Some of the tales here are slightly unbelievable, as a witness for 22 years I realise that some of them just would not have gone on. But most people are genuine and hurt and find here other like minded ones.

    If you followed another thread you would see many here do not hate the JWs, most of them are good, loving, people, and doing what they believe is right. But once you are out.. and the longer you are out you do get to see things for how ugly they actually are.

    Thank you for starting this thread, I have much enjoyed reading the posts.


  • Spectrum

    Thanks to all the contributors so far I've read all of them with interest and here are my thoughts and conclusions on your responses...

    To tell you truth I was a bit worried about insulting people who really have had horrendus experiences with this Org.
    I was actually surprised that most responses in this thread showed that somethings written here must be taken with a pinch of salt. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised but I'm not really used to forums.

    What got me thinking about this was two things 1) that out there are non ex-JW people, groups that hate JWs with a passion that you can't imagine. 2) Like I'd stated I had not myself experienced or heard for that matter some of the experiences that I've read here. I naturally therefore wandered whether there were posts put up purposely just to mislead and defame the name of JWs beyond what it deserved. And I'm not talking about experiences that might be exaggerated or coloured by one perspective. I talking about experiences that didn't even take place.

    But even so I think your posts in this thread have answered the question the thread posed. Even if there are some fake posts it has come to me to be a moot point.
    Someone said in this thread look at the bigger picture. That's a good place to start and indeed when I came to this forum my only interest was doctrinal scrutiny as this a claimed from God whilst member conduct is human and fallible. The member conduct only became an issue to me when awful experiences of people kept cropping up in posts.
    I really had to get this off my chest because it had been bugging me for a while now on an emotional level but also on a pratical level - I don't like wasting my time reading BS.

    Importantly then..

    Your contribution in this thread has validated this forum for me as an overall seeking of the truth on the matters that concern us all here.


  • Spectrum


    "I'm here on this forum to find as many truths as is possible relating to JWism.

    You must realise that some of those 'truths' will show that the JW's aren't (the truth). The way you phrase this makes me wonder if you really want to accept it's just another religion. Maybe I misread you."

    Not quite sure what you are getting at but I do accept that it's just another religion but with the power to entrance people that fall into it's web.
    I think you are asking me the question as to why would I expect the behaviour of the people of this religion(JW) to be any different to other religions, groups or whatever. It's not quite what I was getting at. It was about doctrine but of lately about JW member conduct. I just never experienced, saw or heard the sort of stuff members have been posting here so I wanted to know if it's all kosher.

    But I get your point about good and bad people they are basically everywhere.

    " Most of the time the internal consistancy and lack of tangible gain in deceit, plus the person's character (as much as can be determined in an online environment) makes me end up deciding it's a true story."

    This is a good point and funnily enough it's the negative vibes of authenticity that got me thinking and thinking until I had enough and decided to write this thread.

  • Legolas

    I think you were smart to ask!

  • Spectrum

    Thanks legolas

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    I think you were smart to ask!


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