My apology to all

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  • Crumpet

    bigmouth - I'm crying having read just page one of that topic - with laughter. We have such hysterical people here and I love them - Poppy and Wombat and Ozzie - you know who you are! Wombat has this amazing ability to twist anything you say into something very very funny.

    From now on the breaths I take between sentences shall be known as bra-graphs in your honor wombat!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Didn't read it.

    Sometimes humor and sarcasm just don't get thru in this medium. I have had the same problem at times.

    I would think that most posters here have forgotten about it by the time they get to the next thread.

    And BTW, there is no such thing as a 'failed apostate'. Anyone who gets out of the borg is a success.


  • bigmouth

    Well, it's 2 am here and I've just sat waiting for a reply.I feel able to go to bed now. Thank you crumpet, you're a sweetheart and jeff and U74, greendawn,ballistic and ozziepost. Thank you for caring enough to reply.

    Love, Pete.

  • glitter

    I thought the fact it wasn't serious was abundantly clear. I said that on the thread but nobody seemed to notice!

    Cheer up!

  • ozziepost


    It's midnight here. Now go to bed! There'll be a great big sky in the morning.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Legolas

    LOL...Bigmouth I did NOT take that as offensive and I am sorry if others did!

  • oldflame


    Some people just have nothing better to do than to whine.

    I guess I should of kept my thought to myself on that one. Sorry about my comment above.

    Hey it's like ozzie said, but I am sorry if I said something to hurt your feelings I didn't really mean to....

  • AuldSoul

    As much as Dave (seven006) hates it, you might want to try using smilies to indicate when you are being humorous. It is kind of hard to get used to the idea that we can't see your wry grin and twinkling eyes. You have to actually communicate that part directly, too.

    Don't cry. Don't toughen up either. Make horrible (dreadful, unforgiveable, terrible ) mistakes, get widespread shoulder jostling, apologize, get widespread think nothing of it's, and move on. You don't have to be overly tough or overly tender, just be you.

    Most importantly, remember: You will never make everyone like you, no matter who or what you are. But if you are at least 95% your genuine self, even those who don 't like you will respect you. (<--- please don't take that to mean I don't like

    All we can see is what you type, we can't see what you mean by it. It is a medium that allows for great range in communication (you are from New Zealand, I am from Albany, Georgia USA) but comprehension takes a hit because most of communication is in body language. So, if you don't explain it, odds are someone will misunderstand it.


  • wombat

    Hi Bigmouth.....

    I think that you should be made an honorary Australian. You have a dry sense of humour. You should laugh when someone reads it wrong.

    I tell ya....I am a member of a church that is based in Japan. (Sort of Zen/Buddhist). Most of it's members are Asian. Absolutely beautiful people - but don't expect them to understand the local sense of humour.

    Whenever I tell them a joke they look at me quizzicly with a stunned look. So I have to try to demonstrate the joke to them thru mime. Like playing Charades.

    Some of my jokes can be a little risque. I fear that if I demonstrate the joke I may be expelled from a church yet again.

    Thanks for making me smile Crumpet.....Lots of bra-graphs here, eh?

    Love Wombat.

    And Bigmouth.......You keep that mouth going.

  • sammielee24
    greasy - but not awful. Anyway I went upstairs to cool off before I got angry and came back down and father in law says "Okay you can cook food in that now!" I was fuming and upset for the rest of the night. Anyway my BF finally asked in provate

    Too funny crumpet - I would have asked him to pour me a cuppa and get to work on the fridge! My mom used to do this to me - she had a key to my house and I'd come home on a Friday to find everything spotless and tidy. At first I got my back up but then I figured what the heck - saved me time, made her happy and I was quite capable of turning away from what I believed was her attempt at focusing negatively on my housekeeping skills, once I decided the outcome was a bigger plus than the only problem I had though was in finding my mail - she used to stick it in cupboards so that it was out of the way so a few bills got missed along the way. Now she is bedridden so I actually treasure those memories...samswife.

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