My apology to all

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  • bigmouth

    I made the most awful mistake when I posted a comment about spelling and punctuation on the "Bible Research etc.." forum. I learned that I can't just post comments about things when people are unaware of my sense of humour and my general nature. I have spent the day in tears. My youngest boys (10 and 13) don't understand why I am so upset.They knew how unhappy I was as a witness and now I even upset the apostates.

    Tetrapod and mouthy, you really put me in my place but I didn't mean any harm. I even had one person who said I was just here to antagonise everyone.

    I can't apologise enough for the offense I've caused. What is wrong with me? I tried so hard as a witness and failed, now I can't even be an apostate. Do I just need to harden up?

  • under74

    haha...this I take as sarcasm. And it's're kidding about the tears right?

    Hey, no biggy about the post...just know people might give you a hard time if they don't get it. I didn't get it because there should have been more errors I think. But people not getting threads happens to the best of us. Just take a big breath and know you're an apostate no matter what--you can't get kicked out of this club.

  • ozziepost


    Sometimes the way we express things is misunderstood or we not have expressed ourselves properly. Cultural differences also come into play.

    It's a learning experience!


  • bigmouth

    No U74, the tears are real.I'm pathetically sensitive and I hate upsetting people

  • Crumpet

    Oh Big Mouth - no! Dry your tears - I didn't read your punctuation post at all - but I didn;t for one moment think you'd be meaning it in an unpleasant way at all.

    I feel so bad for you, please don;t be upset. We all find our feet here gradually - sometimes I say bitter things on purpose and yet compare them to one of my "humourous" posts and it would be hard to spot the difference. And sometimes people take things more seriously than they are meant.

    Let me give you an exanmple of how it can happen even with face to face communication:

    I got home from work on Friday to find my tiny kitchen filled with my boyfriends parents cleaning my oven. Okay it was a bit greasy - but not awful. Anyway I went upstairs to cool off before I got angry and came back down and father in law says "Okay you can cook food in that now!" I was fuming and upset for the rest of the night. Anyway my BF finally asked in provate what teh prob was and I explained that I thought his dad was being incredibly rude - the oven wasn;t that dirty! he thought for a while and explained that the comment wasn;t meant as an insult or even made to me - his dad was telling him that he had finished cleaning the oven and would get out of the way so my BF could cook dinner. The only reason they'd cleaned teh oven was because they thought it would help me given I can't kneel down with a broken ankle and leg too well and they didn't want me to be out working while they stayed home doing nothing!

    I am sure your apology will be accepted - sincere and heartfelt as it evidently is. Don't worry anymroe about it.

    Big hugs sweetheart - it was just a misunderstanding!

    crumpet x

  • Crumpet

    And one more thing bigmouth - i deliberately didnt spellcheck my last post and just typedt he way I always do - ham fisted - just to show I wasnt taking you seriously.

    now lets see a big smile!

    (btw if you want to get to know some people a bit better and through chat there is a chat place opened on another board - its not terribly busy at the mo but do feel free to drop by. )

  • stopthepain

    damn internet wordplay!!!!!!!!

  • under74

    aw, I'm sorry. Just don't worry about it so much. You just posted this, which is good in order to clear the air.

    Just know that sometimes, whether you want to or not, you might upset someone...this is the internet and when you don't have someone in front of you with the inflection in their voice and facial expressions it's really easy to misunderstand. As ozzie said, there are cultural differences and such that also come into play.

    No worries. Everyone else I'm sure will get over it.

  • ballistic

    I knew you were joking bigmouth.

  • greendawn

    You don't have to beat yourself over this, everyone can see that you are new on this forum and as such you have margins for an error of tact. Anyone has the right to make mistakes in the process of learning, so don't get disheartened.

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