Preaching a drag

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  • greendawn

    Nobody should be an unpaid salesman for the super rich multibillion dollar WTS corporation, and not even spend time at the theocratic ministry school to learn selling techniques for their products.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I still go out because of my situation. D2D is the most painful. I actually would enjoy teaching people the bible, but not hooking them up with this oddball religion.

    The best way to get through it is to hook up with some really old people that just do calls. Thats the best.

  • Inquisitor

    Hey abbadonapollyon

    I would definitely use your method with an eager RV or Bible student. I mean that's a substantial bit of reading material to understand what's going on. So you'd push them on people interested in the Witnesses.

    People at the doors? Hmmm... I wouldn't bank too much on their interest in the internal politics of the JWs ;)



  • Inquisitor

    Now why didn't I think of that before, drew! I'll pair up with an older person. They usually (though i have known some to be annoyingly fit lol) need to rest early, walk slowly, chat with their partners more than they do to the householders. Please don't take this wrongly, some older ones are such dear things. It's just that their limitations can be put to good use!! God, that sounds awful doesn't it? Well desperate times call for desperate measures. Mwahahahahaha

    Thanks for that drew.

    From what you guys are saying, it's beginning to dawn on me that the pioneers in some congs are equally eager to do less talking as they while away the hours. What a joke! The disillusioned and the glorified Witnesses both want the same thing out of their ministry!!!


  • Inquisitor

    Petty sarcasm aside, it might interest you that such guerilla tactics couldn't possibly be pulled off in front of my D2D partner without alerting the elders.

    Your strategy is great, but it wasn't what i was asking for in this thread.

    You might like to contribute on my other thread instead:

    Cheers again, abbadonapollyon!


  • Scully

    For half a moment, when I first looked at the topic heading, I thought it said "Preaching in drag".....

    Now, that would be hilarious!!

  • 2112

    I never. not even once heard anybody say "We get to go in service" everyone always says "We have to go in service." And when you think about it does that not negate the entire effort? "My yoke is not troublesome" if it was not troublesome then everyone would love to do it. I know there are some who say they like d2d work but they don't. Unless they like to argue with people and look self rightous, then it's not the d2d work they like but the arguing.

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