Deleted Then Asked to close With Prayer!

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  • Blueblades
  • Muffinman


  • Blueblades

    That ever happen to you? It happened to me the night I was deleted as an Elder. I stepped down, so the C.O. told the Body to have me close with prayer so the Congregation wouldn't gossip about the reason why I stepped down.


  • ButtLight

    Lol, HUH? I get it now!

  • skyman

    I gave the last part at Service Meeting before the C.O. got up and announced me being removed after he set down I asked for song and asked a brother that I knew the Body would never allow to say prayer, this was very full filling to give them one last jabb.

  • GoingGoingGone

    When I was a young pioneer, another older pioneer sister gave me one of her cleaning jobs. The lady of the house was this old, eccentric woman who lost her cross with a circle on top (can't remember what it's called) and accused me of stealing it. She sent a letter to the older pioneer sister, who went to the elders.

    The elders met with her and me and completely believed that I knew nothing about it. (Turns out that the woman found her jewelry the following month). Anyway, as we were leaving the back room, the one elder tells us to 'exit smiling' so the other 'friends' wouldn't worry and gossip that there was something wrong. Then he puts his arm across my shoulders and opens the door with a huge smile and a hearty chuckle....

    I remember thinking, these people need to get a life.


  • skyman

    For got to mention everyone else thought it was great. I was given several thumbs up, a few older sister just smile big as I stood on the stage. This should of told the body what the congregation members thought of their Bull Shit.

  • rekless

    The same thing happened to me , "Bro. Walker would you close in prayer?"and I said, "I'd rather not." You should have seen the surprise on his face and the gasp from the congregation, and the punch in the side from my wife, bless her soul.

  • LittleToe

    ROFL - that just takes the biscuit!


  • Blueblades

    A family member was WRONGFULLY DF'ED and so I refused to continue to serve. The body was divided about me staying on, so I stepped down. They announced, Brother so and so is no longer serving as an Elder, "GASP!!!" And now Brother deleted will close with prayer. What do you think I said in the closing prayer? What would you of said if that happened to you?


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