Deleted Then Asked to close With Prayer!

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  • zagor

    ahh, congregation gossip. I've meat so many people since leaving and everyone gossips but the gossip in congregation is unbeatable. It is a potent mix of misunderstandings, half-truth, and miss-heard information and to top it all off personal fantasies.

    It just blows my mind away every time I hear latest gossip from a congregation.

  • Blueblades

    Hi Observador! No, no long winded prayers for me. Just that night I chose to use a prayer that would help the Brothers know that Jehovah had the final say on who was forgiven and shown mercy, not the Elders or C.O.'s.


  • lonelysam

    it happened in my cong, and the bloke (as far as i know) still gives the prayer every now and then

  • Confession

    The Sunday after the Thursday in which my stepping aside was announced, I gave the Public Talk. I guess it kinda had the same effect.

  • tijkmo
    Bro. Walker would you close in prayer?"and I said, "I'd rather not."

    hah me too...

    good times

    after i had been reinstated i also went to a pioneer meeting during the co visit..when he throws it open to those interested in pioneering which i still was at the time..i was still under restrictions so wasnt allowed to answer or read..the co was doing the reading round the room manouvre and when he came to me he asked me to read and i told him i dont think im allowed...i apologised to him later for embarrassing him altho i thought he would have known...and he said..i didnt think anyone could restrict someone from reading the bible...

    little did he know eh

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