Of Frozen Dead (if it's frozen, it must be dead) Cats

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  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    So long as it's done responsibly, I'm all for it, my cat (s) go out only when I'm home and I keep an eye on them. I don't let them out all nite or all day & certainly not to reproduce all over the neighborhood & shrug it off. But I do let them go out & have "fun"....and usually only in the summer. I think it's pretty cruel to leave them out to fend for themselves and produce more kitties to do the same thing!

  • HadEnuf

    OOooooooohhhhhhhhhh...who knew people could get so reved (spelling?) up about a cat situation. Oh well...it's good to have different opinions...unlike when we were in THAT OTHER PLACE! (But I still say cats stay in or don't complain when they don't come back or get hit by a car or come in the house with 20 million fleas). mumsy

  • greendawn

    Perhaps it's a matter of personal taste, for all the risks (toxoplasmosis, cars, theft, fleas) I would still have a cat roam in the day, unless I lived near a very busy street with lots of traffic.

  • lola28

    My neighbors cat Rascall was run over by a car, I will never forget how awful it was to see the poor kittie on the road with cars running him over, the poor thing. It never would have happened if he had been kept indoors.

    lola ( of the dosen't let her cats out of the house class)

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    Losing a beloved moggy is very heartbreaking and we as a family have had our fair share of that over the years. We have a lovely large black cat "Cole" and one day whilst I was driving to the dairy(we live in a rural area 9 km from a town) I saw a black moggy had been hit by a car and lay dead on the road. I stopped and put the dead cat in my boot wrapped up and continued to the dairy but was shaking thinking it was our cat. When I got home I said nothing to anyone and called for our "Cole" but he never turned up. When Hubby got home from work I poured out my soul to him and then we both argreed to wait till the next day to tell the kids. Well the next day who should welcome us at the door but our big "Cole" cat and the kids couldn't understand why we were so pleased to see him. We had to explain. We buried the other cat and put a death notice in the local rural paper to let the owner know we had buried it with dignity. We have 4 Adult cats at the moment, 3 x moggys and 1 persian, and 7 kittens. It's one big happy mix as we are all very much cat lovers here. Jennine

  • ButtLight

    Mumzy, that reminds me of my poor kitty that got lost in a winter storm, and never returned! The animal control never found her, so, i just say to myself, someone nice took her in, and that is where she is at! By the way, hope you are feeling much better,

    Love ya,


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