Surprise, surprise, JW's ar my door

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  • dedpoet

    I just answered a knock at my door, about 5 minutes ago, and it was two jws. They must either be pretty new, I didn't recognise them anyway, or hadn't looked at their list of people not to call on. They obviously didn't know that I am a da'd witness, and I didn't enlighten them immediately. Anyway, the conversation went like this:

    jw 1 good morning sir

    me good morning, what can I do for you?

    jw1 maybe there is something we can do for you sir

    me, ( pretending to be curious,) really? do tell me more

    jw2 Would you and your wife (Linda had joined me at the door, they obviously don't know her either) like to live in better conditions than we are experiencing now?

    me ermmm. what do you mean, better conditions, and btw I haven't got a wife

    jw2 ok, your fiance then. Don't you agree that the world is in a mess? Wouldn't you like to see it sorted out permanently?

    me I don't know that it's all that bad. There are problems, but I can't see how they can be solved. If you have a solution, I'd like to hear it, we both would (Linda nodded in agreement)

    I lit a cigarette then, and offerred them one, you'd have thought from their reaction that I'd pointed a gun at them.

    jw1 well, the Bible offers a solution, would you like to hear it?

    me the Bible? Do people still read that?

    jw2 Yes sir, over 6 million people worldwide study it daily (we took that with a pinch of salt lol)

    me well, I have actually read the Bible, and I can't see, apart from a few decent principles like the 10 commandments, how it has any relevance to modern times. After all, it was written a long time ago, wasn't it?

    jw1 true, it is and old book, yet some of the prophecies have a fulfillment in modern times, and some have yet to be fulfilled

    jw 2 the scriptures tell us that God, who's name is Jehovah, will soon end all wickedness, and the earth will be restored as a paradise. That was his original intention, and he doesn't change his mind.

    me naww, can't see that happening. It's a nice dream, but that's all it is

    jw1 I assure you, it's not a dream, it is going to happen, and soon

    jw2 I am sure you are both busy, so we don't want to take up much more of your time. Perhaps we can leave you with a couple of magazines, which are bible - based, to help you understand more of what we are saying, and then call back at a later date to talk more?

    me I don't want any magazines, but you can call again

    jw1 can I have your names?

    so we gave them our names, and I had the impression they had heard them before, as in "so & so is no longer one of jehovahs witnesses". They didn't say anything, but I have a feeling they will be checking, and I am not expecting another call. They didn't fix one up anyway. Thinking about it, they must be two of the few jws in Derby that don't know we are da'd. They obviously didn't check their list of people not to call on, and while they were entertaining us it kept them away from people who might be stupid enough to take notice of the bullshit. If they do come back, I will enlighten them, but we enjoyed having a laugh at their expense.

  • wombat

    Good fun Dedpoet.

    My Mum and I would love them to call here but they won't.

    Well, I've had one call in the past fourteen years. And she was so cute that I agreed with everything that she said.

    But........she never came back. Alas. I would love to have a Bible Study with her.

    Wombat (from the how sad you are when you pass sixty).

  • yesidid

    Hey wombat,

    Why don't they call on you. Are you out of the way. They can't have you on the do not call list.

    You said in another post you left - was it twenty - years ago.

  • Dansk

    Hi Trev,

    The only thing "wrong" with your ploy is that by giving the JWs time they could take your name back and inform the elders, who might think that you're starting to take an interest again. This could lead to their calling on you.

    Notice how they are still pushing that "The earth will be changed for the better SOON" routine! My goodness, how I wish the JWs would read their own history. If you could get them to do that then there is some hope (?). Their past literature is littered with reasons for not pursuing further education because SOON (back then) the earth would be changed by God for the better - and on it goes as new generations of JWs spin the same yarn, or should that be yawn I suppose you've got to feel sorry for these newer duped ones!

    Love to you and Linda,


  • ballistic

    I'm a "do not call" although they have called by mistake once and just asked if I know anyone with hearing difficulties.

  • dedpoet

    Hi Ian,

    The thought did cross my mind that when the elders hear about this it might inspire them to ring me or even call, but we'd be ready for that, and they wouldn't be here very long. I suspect that our former po will realise we were just pulling the dubs chain a bit, and not bother us. Actually, the two of them who called were very well schooled, and Linda is wondering if they just moved in around here, as she hasn't seen them before, or are just visiting relatives or friends in the area, although we both got the impression our names rang a bell with them.

    Either way, this mornings feigned interest won't be repeated if they do call back

    take care


  • wombat

    G'day Yesidid.......

    Mate, I left over 30 years ago. But older siblings are still full-on in the org. They delight in keeping the local cong advised.

    My 88 year old mother just loves me reading to her from this site. She would love them to call here. She just wants to talk to them about 1975, about which JWs are in total denial now.

    Yesidid.........I think that what really pisses my older siblings off is that after leaving the Troof my life has been great. Jah never punished me.

    But.........that was a really cute sister that called......Aaah.

  • glitter

    We have JWs pop over regularly to bring mags (and have a cuppa and a gossip) but we haven't had regular Field Ministry JWs in years. We used to get them quite often - and they used to give us dirty "Why haven't I seen you at the KH?!" looks (even though we regularly went....) when we said we were already JWs.

    Whoever gets our block each time now must know us or something... or they're getting idle.

    My sister lives in a block of flats and has never had JWs call in nearly 2 years - there's a foyer door, but that never used to stop me when I was on Field Service!

  • Aiesha Harley
    Aiesha Harley

    Following Dansk's comments, I had to really fight to be able to stay on at school to do extra GCSEs, how pathetic.

  • wombat

    Alesha........Good on you for fighting.

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