JW Events, Dress Codes and You

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  • wombat

    StillAwitness.........You wouldn't have a pic of your twins that you could post, would you ?

  • mrsjones5

    The last jw event I went to was unfortunately my grandfather's funneral or memorial at a kingdom hall. I wore pants.

  • Carol

    I wouldn't dress any differantly now than I did when I did associate. I always wore a black or navy blue dress or suit w/skirt. However, I would and still do dress this way for funerals (with the exception of always wearing a skirt, I now sometimes wear a suit w/trousers), be they for a JW or anyone else. I do it out of respect for the deceased and their family.

    But then again, I'm old fashioned and feel that most of today's "dress" fashions (particularly for young woman) would be inappropriate for a funeral, but fine for a wedding.

  • Carol

    I forgot to add, as to the color black. Many years ago (1960's and 1970's) we were not prohibited from wearing black, however it was called to our attention that we should not mourn the passing of a loved one prior to "the end" as they had died a JW and their persecution, suffering and testing had ended and they would be waking up to a Paradise Earth!

    What a Crock of s#*t!

  • Poztate

    I draw the line at wearing a TIE. I had enough years of wearing a piece of rag around my neck when I was in the dubs. I still go to memorial to keep peace in the family (wife) ...but no TIE. I was criticised on more than one occasion for my "lack of respect" but now they leave me alone.

    I see no problem with women wearing slacks to any event including a funeral.The dubs seem to be one of the last religions to try to live in the past with this "rule". Look around on a sunday morning at other religious groups. They do not have the same need for conformity that the dubs do.

  • Poztate

    If they bugged me more I showed them this...

    In 1900, in The Interpretation of Dreams, Sigmund Freud felt the urge to elucidate another aspect of the necktie's symbology. He wrote: "In men's dreams a necktie often appears as a symbol for the penis. No doubt this because neckties are long, dependent objects and peculiar to men. Men who make use of this symbol in dreams are often very extravagant in ties in real life and own whole collections of them." No doubt Freud was only making explicit what had been at the back of everybody's mind for quite some time, and yet his overt analysis did nothing to check the necktie's popularity. In fact, perhaps envious of such a ubiquitous form of menswear, sporting women began to wear the hanging thing. It was reasoned that a staid and well-tied male fashion accessory around the neck would counterbalance the evident feminine provocativeness of knickerbocker suits, Norfolk bodices and culotte skirts which women were beginning to wear in order to indulge in sports such as horseback riding, skating, sailing, and playing tennis.

    POZ P.S....I think this was just satire.

  • stillajwexelder

    stillajwexelder, I just don't see how the organization deserves my respect. OK fair enough - but I would not be doing it for the organization. If you mean respect for the deceased YES I DO I believe that I can do this in another way than conforming to JW standards, and after all the person is not going to be there to see it anyway -THAT IS NOT THE POINT . If you mean for the family I would think in their time of grieiving it would be the support I was offering rather than what I was wearing WELL I DO NOT AGREE . I certainly was not meaning to dress disrespectfully. But in my mind there is a strong separation between respectful and JW extremes. AGREED

  • blondie

    I've been to many non-JW funerals over the years. Older people have more dress standards; black is optional; in the end it depends on the community standards. As to JWs, if you are DA'd, DF'd or inactive, whatever you wear or do or say, will be judged as bad, consider the source. I would not dress uncharacteristically just to irritate any JWs at the funeral.

    Actually, I don't go to JW funerals; I do send a nice card. I have no desire to fraternize with the Borg or listen to their sales pitch disguised as a funeral talk. If there are family members to be encouraged, they know I will be there long after the JWs go back home and forget that encouragement and support is needed 365 days a year.


  • Scully

    As far as my JW family is concerned, I am already dead. Likewise, I tend to regard them in the same light and I have already done my grieving over the loss of the relationships with them. In my heart, I have already had their funerals. I am not about to put myself in a position where they can reel me back into their lives and toss me back on the trash heap when they're done with me.

    I have no intentions of ever setting foot in a Kingdom Hall ever again. Problem solved.

  • jessthebull

    I have never even heard that you shouldnt wear black at a funeral, that one must not have made its way to New Zealand.

    Funerals - I would probably wear dark clothing most likely end up conforming to JW dress standards

    Weddings- allways dressed up for these, dresses that were not meeting appropriate and one time wore dress pants. I probably would not dress any different now for these occasions, even as an exjw

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