President Bush wants to spy on us? Can we spy on him as well?

by DavidChristopher 22 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • DavidChristopher

    So is the goal "obedience" and "control" or "loyalty" and "freedom"? To take away a individuals "individuality", and replace it with "organization", is futile.

    Bethel doesn't know every individual person and what they gone through in their lives that have made them "unworthy" in their eyes. How can they issue a broad statement as a "rule" and possibly expect it to help everyone? Then damn them when they disobey it trying to find another way? How could they grow wiser, and stronger if they always have you to tell them "right" from "wrong"? Problem is, go too far and you will find yourself suddenly VERY busy trying to make everyones decisions for them. Blaming them, when they do what you told them, and it doesn't work. Is it possible, we could find "freedom" through "loyalty"?

    I need a beer

  • TallTexan
    Never trust a government that doesnt trust its own citizens with guns

    --Thomas Jefferson

    Now that's a sentiment I agree w/ wholeheartedly. I hope I didn't give the impression that I was anti- 2nd amendment rights.....

  • Pastafarian

    What I don't get is, why would you trust President Bush (or any President or government agency)? It's not like he is friend, family, employer, or even someone you've even greeted. He is just a stranger. As such we can only hope he is doing the "right" thing.

    I am also aware the this freedom (from bill o' rights, courts, rule of law) is in a lot of ways a clever illusion. But still, it's my illusion and most every other U.S. citizens too. So as President wouldnt you expect him to at least respect or acknowldge the nations discomfort with his actions? So far I've been uncomfortable with the explainations or rather lack of them. To say that I am better protected because Team America is watching over my back also doesn't reasure me personally!

    If I saw a peeping tom at my neighboors window, I would call the police. Who do you call when the police are peeping in your window?

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