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  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Funnily, not the UN-thing.
    Somehow, also for me a "muddy, unclear voice calling out to me through a pane of glass," that is to say, "progressively" for most of my schizophrenic JW life.
    I was always an idealistic true believer, though never a truly zealous one. Sort of a cowardly quiet sideliner from a violent and self-destructive elder family. So, I knew a too much already.
    Never was trusted with more than reading the WT during the WT-study on the platform and being a mike boy.
    Finally somehow got into reading M. James Penton's "Apocalypse Now" and found out about the 607/1919 fraud (Don Cameron's "Captives of a Concept"). I am forever grateful to whoever gave me this stuff. Lurked here on and off with much sympathy cause I'd grown to quietly despise everything about the bOrg for many years already. Have only started reading CoC - really only a formal "blue pill" now. Seen the BBC Panorama thing on child abuse only last week. The puzzle is complete.
    This board has been crucial in my deprogramming.

  • zagor

    Yup, NGO thing was the last straw for me too. I've read posts here for about 2 years before joining, at first some of them made me doubt integrity of posters who made claims until I started researching things myself. The more I found the more I felt free.

    I've realized that NGO was not only one off incident. WTBS are masters of double talk and covering of their tracks. They put such demands on small people, honest hearted simple people in congregations and go after them like plague even for smallest of things but they themselves are allowed to twist truth, scriptures even the legal system for their own benefit. It is just like Jesus eloquently described it in Gospel of Mathew chapter 23.

  • ozziepost

    This board has been crucial in my deprogramming.


  • JH

    One good reason is that you make friends with a common background.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I was out for 10 years before I did any reading about JWs. My flashpoint was Mexico/Malawi.

    I was in my late teens when the Malawi persecution was going on. I remember so well the fear they instilled by telling us this would happen to us very soon, especially since we were so close to 1975.

    To find out later the double standard with Mexico was the shocker that made me realize that the WTS was a deception

  • ithinkisee

    There are a lot of good points like this on an earlier thread:

    Longtime JWs: Can you recall the path of JW doubts throughout your life?


  • Gopher

    By the time I started reading this site, I had already decided not to go back to the JW's.

    This site helped me adjust to the 'normal' life outside the Watchtower World. I read the experiences of the world over who had seen love preached but not practiced by the JW's, and had also similar doubts about the WT Society's proclamation that they held the key to truth.

    Knowledge is power. Sites like this spread the power to those adversely affected by Watchtower teachings and practices.

  • YoursChelbie

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