Jerimiah Film on Jehovah's Witness History!

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  • scoobiedoo1
    Hi, I'm fairly new to this site but I downloaded a film about one hour long on the History of the Jehovah's Witnesses! I found it to be very good but I doubt that I could get someone (Jehovah's Witness) to watch it since they are ordered not to watch anything that might enlighten them event though the film is all truth supported by there own Watchtower publications! If any one is looking to see this film do a search for Jerimiah Films in Limewire or Kazaa, etc.... I know theres a lot of crap on these download sites but there are also good stuff!
  • jst2laws

    Could you give us a link?


    OH, and welcome to the board.

  • scoobiedoo1
    No I can't except to tell you to download it yourself with Kazza or Limewire or Bearshare, etc....You'll find it pretty easy that way! Its a must see film in my opinion!!!!
  • mkr32208

    I typed in 'jehovahs witnesses' 'jehovah' 'witness' 'watchtower' 'awake' into bearshare, edonkey, and limewire... Bubkiss... What's the file actually CALLED?

  • mkr32208

    Tried Jerimiah Films too!

  • marsal


    I think scoobiedoo1 meant to type "Jeremiah Films".

  • sixsixsixtynine
  • NewLight2

    Jerimiah Films Website

    Battling Over the Children $ 21.95
    Jehovah's Witnesses: A Non-Prophet Organization $ 21.95
    The Witness Goes Out $ 21.95
    Witness at Your Door $ 21.95
    There is also a VHS called "Witnesses of Jehovah" but I don't know who produced that film.

  • scoobiedoo1

    Yeah the name of the film is

    Jeremiah Films-Jehovah's Witnesses-Watchtower Cult (1)

  • mouthy

    These are the very videos I show in all the Churches when I give my testimony... I get a wonderful response ....Get them & Beg your Churches( if any of you have one) to show them....

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