Governing Body Subhumans: Merry Christmas

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  • Rabbit

    In my humble opinion, the axe swinging can take a vacation, can't it ???

    There is already a Jehovah's Witness going thru a sacrificial blood-letting ceremony right now.

    That's reality -- this is not.

  • Sentient

    144001 (interesting user name by the way)-

    You have to remember that even the GB received the same indocrination we all did, maybe even more. It by no means excuses or minimizes what they are doing, but it does explain it and allows us to focus our energies on making things better. For example, what is it that you want most for your loved one? Probably that they be free of control and make their own decisions in life. One of my main messages is that you have way more power to positively affect the people in your life than you realize. Personally, I have seen all the members of my family that I am in contact with begin to transform before my eyes once I started looking within to truly understand myself. Though you may have been victimized and your pain has been real, you are not forever a victim and you have the power to break free from your own limiting beliefs and help those around you to do the same. I wish you courage and belief in this endeavor.

  • rebel8

    Want to do something about it? Donate blood! Here's how:

    Then you could send one of those nice blood donation checks to the WTS:

  • 144001


    Good points, many of which I personally subscribe too, hence my deletion of the angry words. At the time I started this thread, I was fresh off an argument on the subject with the loved one at risk. After I had time to cool off, I realized that as much as I detest the governing body, I don't wish for bad things to happen to anyone, even those as deserving of bad fortune as the governing body.

    As for Sixsixsixtynine, I'll be honest, I don't like you. You chose to attack me at a time when I was obviously experiencing a traumatic event, and you were so desperate to do so that you stooped to the use of a false analogy, based on posts quoted out of context, in your efforts to support your allegations of "hypocrisy." Clearly you have a cold heart, and, with regard to your feigned effort at contrition, please save your "blessings" and "best wishes" for someone who actually respects you.

  • TheGladTidings

    Hello people. I am new here. I just discovered this very good site while browsing philosophy stuffs in the net.

    I am a former Jehovah's Witnesses. Now I am an "apostate". I would love to be called like that.

    I think this would be the best organized site into castigating this religious organization the JW. This religion as purveyor of lies and evil.

    I am now 26 years old. For the first 18 yeas of my life, I became a slave of this subterranean leech religion. Now, I have this full ammunition to expose the insanities of this religion.

    The JW religion is evil. The evil one. It is an authoritatian religion. A despot. Rendering its members into tight grip and great dumbness.

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