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    I came upon this letter, and I think it could be posted in laundromats, doctors offices, etc if you feel it is worthy:WHO IS KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR? Most people have either been visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses at one time or another, or know of them. They are known for their persistent evangelism, their unique doctrines and also for helping to ensure every American’s right to free speech and exercise of religion. However, in 1992 a woman high up in the New York headquarters came upon evidence that the leaders were covering up a serious flaw in their judicial policy, and the damage it was doing. WHAT WAS IT? UNREPORTED CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE! Jehovah’s Witnesses take the Bible literally, and even though they consider themselves Christian, many guidelines for conduct and judicial issues in the congregation follow principles in the Old Testament. This includes the idea that 2 witnesses are required for any accusation to hold water. If a person is accused by only one person of wrongdoing, and does not confess, there is no case. ADDITIONALLY, since they ruled there was NO case, this means if the victim talked about it to anyone, including police, they were guilty of slander and could be excommunicated. Instead of reporting to the police, they reported it to their headquarters in New York. They have applied this rule to cases of child sexual abuse. Evidence from an insider in the headquarters indicates that over 23,000 files of this nature are kept secret. This scandal has been reported on by Dateline in 2002, 20/20, the New York Times, Panorama (British news program), Channel 5 (Canadian news program) and over 15 other programs worldwide. NO facts of this have ever been challenged in print by the Watchtower, the corporation that controls Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have excommunicated 3 people who found this out, and were whistleblowers. They have defended the accused abusers in court, including a scandalous case in where up to 15 young girls were molested; the Watchtower sent lawyers to defend him and the elders in the congregation who did not report this crime. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? If a habitual offender is clever at covering his tracks, and does not confess, he is NOT reported to the police unless the congregation is in a mandatory reporting state. is not a mandatory reporting state. This means that the person who is knocking at your door could be an unreported pedophile; this is not an exaggeration. The congregation allows these persons to still go in the door to door activity. HOW CAN YOU HELP? The Watchtower has convinced the rank and file Jehovah’s Witnesses that the media are lying about this, and have told them not to even talk about it at the door when they go from door to door. PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO THE WITNESSES; TELL THEM YOU WILL NOT TALK TO THEM UNTIL THIS POLICY IS CHANGED. To this day, the congregations will not excommunicate an offender who does not confess if there are not 2 witnesses. Do you know of any child rapist who allows a 2 nd witness to watch? HELP US TO CHANGE THIS POLICY; BRING THIS SCANDAL UP TO ANY WITNESS WHO CALLS AT YOUR DOOR. I am still one of Jehovah’s Witnesses; if I talk about this, I WOULD BE EXCOMMUNICATED. I NEED YOUR HELP IN THIS; CHILDREN NEED YOUR HELP. VISIT to see what else you can do to help the rank and file force leadership to change this criminal policy .

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    this site's formatting is retarded.

    Please add this the the line about the woman high up:

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    I like the letter. I like the way it presents certain positive things first--not adopting the role of an angry person with sour grapes. What I'd suggest is creating this as a tract--about the same size as those distributed by JWs. But on the back, in large letters, give the person a very simple script as to what they should say. They can be encouraged to keep it magnetted to their refrigerator or taped to their door. Maybe something like...

    "I'm sorry. I know you are probably sincere in your beliefs, but I cannot provide support--or even speak to a representative of the Watchtower Society, an organization that protects pedophiles and often shuns abused persons who report the crimes committed against them. When such policies are repaired, you may offer me your literature. Until such time, this is to inform you that you and all other Jehovah's Witnesses have been disfellowshipped by my household. Good day."

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    The letter has got just the right tone it doesn't appear as if it were carried away by bitter resentment or animosity, it just presents the facts in a dignified, dispassionate, and objective manner.

    The WTS that claimed purity and that only other religions have moral problems now need to face these on their own turf.

    One of its GB members was a homosexual child abuser.

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    I think that this is quite a good letter, and could be used quite effectively. We (dedpoet and me) are thinking maybe we can send it to the local newspaper. Also, there is nothing in it that the wt can actually deny.

    Thanks for posting it

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    Please proofread it if you use it; the site here did not let it list the state where this ocurred, so make sure if you use it you go through it and edit it.

    I think if it is seen enough, it will make more aware of what is going on.


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    It is definetly an issue that needs addressed. Unfortunately, it is a problem in many churches besides JW.

  • Rooster

    Chapter 19


    Have Heard That God Is With You People"

    "WE WILL go with you people, for we have heard that God is with you people." That is what the Bible foretold that people out of all nations would be saying in our day. (Zechariah 8:23) And who is this God to whom the prophecy of Zechariah refers? We are left in no doubt. In this one relatively small book of the Bible his personal name appears 135 times. It is JEHOVAH!


    He himself said of his personal name, Jehovah: "This is my name to time indefinite, and this is the memorial of me to generation after generation." (Exodus 3:15) The importance of that name is indicated by the fact that it appears nearly 7,000 times in the complete Hebrew Bible text—far more than the combined total for such titles as Lord and God. As foretold, in these "last days" that name has come to be associated outstandingly with one group of people.

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