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by Pistoff 11 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Think

    HOLLY BORG? They have no shame, no conscience, no brain, no courage.. and so on. They point to the "dirty" world: rape, murders, child abuse, divorce, wars and so on..But.. they are very "clean". That is what they print constantly in WT. "clean" in their own eyes. Same things or even worse go on in their "holy" org for decades. Why? Very simple: Code of Silence. CODE OF SILENCE. FEAR. CODE OF SILENCE. Nobody from outside world have any idea what is going on inside The "HOLY" org. SOS. SOS. SOS. SOS. Some compare this org to Stalin, Hitler dictatorship. When there is so much love and happines and "holy" works in the borg, why people leaving by the milions? Why they are scared to death to talk about their experiences even 10,15 or 20 years after leaving? Something very evil is in the "holy" borg. Time for the authorities to take action and close down this "holy" establishment. We all should pray to the one true God to expose the TRUTH and save the poor souls from destructions. And... should we give them any money, so they can do more evil ( "holy") work? A blessing to society? or Parasites?

  • blondie

    This is a problem that many people think is a "Catholic" problem only. If people from all religions who have seen abuse covered up and victims silenced came forward, then it WOULD be seen as a problem affecting all institutions. Religions hide behind the Constitution and the laws in their states that protect "clergy" from reporting abuse revealed in confession or other counseling situations. Only 18 states in the US require universal reporting. Yes, people should know that their child is not necessarily safe with JWs, that Catholic priests are not the only religious pedophiles out there.


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