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  • blindersoff

    As I started to get into the nuts & bolts of emailing the press release about Quotes to my local newspaper, I wound up wondering who to send it to. Should it go to the Editor, Publisher, janitor? Should each reporter get one? How big of an area should I shoot for? With links to affiliates, there seems to be no end to the scope of where I can send them.

    Should we 'take out a territory'? Sorry--old habits you know.


  • Crumpet

    Blindersoff - I'M NEW TO THIS TOO! Sorry, but will keep eyes peeled for a reply here. Also has someone prepared a press release that can be tinkered with to be appropriate to our particular areas or should I write my own?

    crumpet x

  • blindersoff
  • Bryan

    I know most all large papers have a Religion section.

    I would look for all media outlets in your city. Send to all of them.

    You can start a search here


  • Bryan

    Your News Release cannot be more than one page. If it is, it will most likely end up in the trash.

    Make it easy to read, 1 1/2 spacing.


  • blindersoff
  • fullofdoubtnow

    We (dedpoet &me) have been sending emails to the local and national papers regarding Quotes, so hopefully something will get in the press soon. I hope it appears in the local paper really, a lot of jws read that.

  • wombat

    I was hoping that Yesidid would suggest this.

    I suggest that everyone collate suitable email addresses for their areas and submit them to a central source..

    Then when the right PR is formatted by someone smarter than us they can shoot them right off.

    Could someone start a site please for these email addresses. ?

  • fairchild

    Hi blindersoff

    Here are the basics on a press release..

    Left heading: your letterhead

    Underneath your letterhead you write the words NEWS RELEASE in capital letters

    top right of page: your name and phone number

    Under newsrelease you write the date.

    Then print your letter which should be one page or less. It should be double spaced and to the point. Keep to the facts!! Make sure the following questions are answered.. WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW.

    Signal the end of the release with the number sign typed three times (###) or three astericks (***) or just the word END

    I'd send the press release to the editor, if you have his/her name, you can directly address it to him/her. If not, just address it to the "editor"

    For small papers, the publisher and the editor are usually the same person.

  • willyloman

    Before you send anything, please read my comments at:

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