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  • sammielee24

    Just read your link willyloman and I understand...there is some confusion about what should be done and when and how. If someone is organized and working on it perhaps it would be a good idea if someone posted a subject thread to that effect. This would allow us all to act as a team and get the job done and remain updated where it all stands as well. I think people want to help but aren't sure who has done what and how and wether or not they should interfere in the actions already in progress. I realize that there are confidential reasons for some information to remain quiet but there must be a way that we can inform and keep informed without divulging every move made.

  • willyloman
    Just read your link willyloman and I understand...there is some confusion about what should be done and when and how.

    You're right, and the reason is that many of us here are fading... in other words, we haven't all come out of the JW closet for reasons having to do with business and family ties.

    I'm frustrated because I have the experience and necessary professional credentials that would enable me to lead this charge, but I just can't do that right now. I am getting closer to the day when I can drop the facade, but my time hasn't come yet. I'm hoping someone else is already there and can launch a professional campaign. I suspect there are others in the same boat. I would be happy to consult behind the scenes. I think it is just a matter of time before someone with the right background creates a clearinghouse organization and takes on the WTS with the help and support of the vast emerging network of ex-dubs.

    In an earlier thread, I suggested the creation of something like "The Center for Religious Freedom" which would be a non-profit organization, legally established, with letterhead, a physical address, and a website. This entity could organize chapters in each state (in the U.S., for example) and work with religion editors and other media contacts to counteract every p.r. move the WTS makes.

    This would have to be a labor of love (there's no money to be made here) and would require organizational skills, talent, hard work, and resources -- pretty much all the things that Simon brought to bear when he put this forum together, or what Quotes did when he initiated the website that was recently killed off by the Watchtower.

    There is no question there is energy to burn out there in ex-dub land, if this forum is any example. Already, it appears the defunct Quotes site may be resurrected by many others and start springing up everywhere like those pop-up puppets you hit with a hammer in that kid's game. That would be a major victory for the freedom of expression the WT likes to squelch.

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    How 'bout sending one to my old boss in you-know-where....he never did care much for the Witnesses. He told me once that he thought it was funny that we didn't celebrate Christmas but would accept a Christmas bonus....

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    Good advice from Willyloman & here too 10 tips on how to write a successful press release

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