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  • newcreation

    hello everyone,

    I have been following the board from a distance for a while, and have finally decided to come aboard ig y'all will have me..

    i was a third generation JW, did the elder thing, rasied two sons in the troof......both are out now, and we've never been closer.

    is it me, or does it look weirder and weirder the longer you've been away??

    well, happy holiday season to all, and i look forward to chatting with you all soon.

    new creation

  • jeeprube
    is it me, or does it look weirder and weirder the longer you've been away??

    I couldn't agree more. I can't believe some of the things I used to believe.

  • Bryan

    Welcome newcreation!

    Yes, the longer I have been away the more I can't believe I lived all that crap... and believed it!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • seattleniceguy
    is it me, or does it look weirder and weirder the longer you've been away??

    As time goes by, you will come to understand as never before the meaning of the phase "WTF?"

    Welcome aboard.


  • freedom96

    Welcome to the site! Yes, it does appear more and more strange the longer we are out.

  • imfreeimfree

    Welcome new creation.

    At first, because of the shimmering daze of theocratic heat it is difficult to see everything in its precise perspective, but as you distance yourself from the propaganda, and get all the many jigsaw pieces together and place them in their respective positions, slowly a bright a beautiful picture emerges, and you begin to wonder “why was I so blind.”

    After 60 years in the Watchtower system, my precious wife and I, predominantly with the aid of this forum and Ray Franz’s books: In Search of Christian Freedom and Crisis of Conscience, faded away from this association.

    These publications are available from: www.commentarypress.com

    Enjoy your newly discovered journey.

    Best wishes.


  • ballistic
    does it look weirder and weirder the longer you've been away??

    errr, yep.

    The recently "out" ask questions like "what if it's true?", the slightly longer "out" ask "what about this and that?" and the long time out ask "what the f*ck?"

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi newcreation, and welcome

    I only left recently, after doubting what I was doing for a while, but even after such a relatively short time away I can't see how I swallowed it all so completely. I suppose the idea of living forever in paradise was a nice dream to follow, but that's all it was - a dream.

  • Golf

    Welcome and greetings. Well, you know the procedure, go for it.


  • PoppyR

    Welcome! I look down on you newbie from the lofty heights of Junior poster.. recently aquired...lol.(you need 98 more posts!)

    But that's just a joke, nobody looks down on anybody here, unless we haven't yet shook the habit. Glad to have you here, the more the merrier, and yes the longer you're out the weirder it gets, and the less likely you are to even ADMIT to people you used to believe it! Dont worry, we've all been there.

    Poppy xxx

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