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    Apple to Zundel, the year in tech law
    Toronto Star, Canada - 1 hour ago
    ... J is for a threatened lawsuit by the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watch Tower Society against a Toronto-based website owner who posted excerpts of religious texts ... Dec. 26, 2005. 01:00 AM MICHAEL GEIST
    As 2005 comes to a close, my annual A to Z review of the year in Canadian law and technology reveals a remarkably busy 12 months. From legislative proposals involving copyright, network surveillance, and Internet pharmacies to case law focused on popular consumer products such as the Apple iPod and the Lego brand of toy blocks, there were few dull moments this past year .......... .....J is for a threatened lawsuit by the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watch Tower Society against a Toronto-based website owner who posted excerpts of religious texts online. The group claims copyright and trademark infringement, arguing that the postings were meant to embarrass the society.

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    [email protected] Toronto Star article submissions

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    As you may recall the original lawsuit story was posted on Fark.com and got 1000s of views and >350 comments on its forum. Does anyone know how to post more comments on the thread? I tried to post an update but I don't see a way to do that. This is a good opportunity to provide the public with the truth about the WTS.


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    Sorry to be the turd in the punch bowl at this party, but...

    As a professional, this just makes my skin crawl. There is not one "press release" that I've read on this or any other thread that wouldn't be tossed in the round file (trash can) by a newspaper editor.

    First of all, no one has any business sending a "press release' to the media unless you are a pro whose job it is to represent some known institution with a legitimate claim to making and presenting news. In this particular case, there are only two legitimate parties to the conflict so the only two press releases that are going to get any attention whatsoever by the media would have to come from the WTBTS, as one party to the dispute, or from Mr. Dosier's attorneys, as the other. The only possible third party that would be deemed of interest would be a well-established "Center for Relgious Freedom" or some similarly-named and heavily-credentialed organization (which doesn't exist).

    Otherwise, you are wasting your time. And I know you're thinking, "Yes, perhaps, but at least I'd be doing something." The same reasoning could be used by a well-meaning bystander moving an accident victim and causing irreparable harm. Once the anti-WT "community" is labeled "whack job" by the mainstream press, it's hard to get credibility back.

    It makes better sense to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. A letter to the editor is your personal opinion and stands a better chance of being published. Be sure you read the guidelines as they appear on the editorial page of your paper -- there is probably a fairly short word limit and you'll have to sign your name. A personal stake, i.e., "As a long-time member of the Jehovah's Witnesses sect, I ..." or something like that should appear early in your letter. Or, if your large metro daily has a Religion editor, call or send him or her a note and some contact info (make sure the contact person is knowledgeable, articulate, and credible).

    What so many of you want to engage in is called "guerilla marketing." It has its own set of rules. It doesn't try to copy established marketing principles, such as issuing press releases. It starts at the grass roots level, with a phone call to the religious editor of your local newspaper (that's how the Guardian in the UK got the UN/NGO-Watchtower story). The most important thing is, you have to present factual information... stuff that is not only accurate but which can easily be checked.

    Unless you are set up to do this right, don't do it. It won't help. And it might hurt. There are a few people who are taking the lead in doing this and doing it right, so let's be patient and let these people work.

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    Quotes on the wire post a comment Canada A to Z 2005 review
    p2pnet.net, Canada - 10 minutes ago
    ... J is for a threatened lawsuit by the Jehovah' s Witnesses' Watch Tower Society against a Toronto-based website owner who posted excerpts of religious texts ...

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    I always see you being the turd in these punch bowls. I understand you have family issues that keeps you from using your considerable experience. But couldn't you ghost write some of these and let the folks here run with 'em? Or offer your services to some sites like AJWRB or BRCI or silent lambs?


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    I'm sorry, but maybe you don't know who is on this board. I was told by the book producer of Dateline NBC that I had written one of the best pitches/news releases that she had seen.

    Many people here can help by submitting the info to their local tv and newspaper websites.

    Don't poo on the people...

    edited: I'm not saying that I'm so great. I'm just saying that I do trust the word of professionals. I have no clue who you are.


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    Some interesting stuff here. I don't necessarily agree w/ Wille, but I do think sending a letter to the editor is a good idea, especially including the portion of one of the letters that lets people know that by supporting the WTBS when you buy their publications, that you are enabling them to cover up their mistakes by use of force......

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