Old and Sick JW's must be discouraged how slow the Kingdom is coming....

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  • greendawn

    "Nope, during the 1000 years, and probably at the beggining....in order to teach the others the troof".

    Doesn't the book of Revelation say that apart from the saints of the first resurrection, the rest of the dead were not raised until the end of the 1000 years?

  • CaptainSchmideo

    The refrain I hear from so many older ones, my mother-in-law included, is "This old System CAN'T last much longer." So sad to see these people, who should be setting back and living a little more for themselves after a lifetime of slavery, just getting more tired out.

    "Work your fingers to the bone, and what do you get! Bony fingers, bony fingers." -From some old country and western tune from the seventies...

  • Daunt

    People have extremely short attention spans. Couple that with a stagnant life that requires you to do the same repetitive tasks (ie. field service, meetings, praying and saying that Jehovah heals all all the time) will make each month, year, or even decade seem like a new month, year, or decade. Seems quite ingenious and quite menacing

  • Golf

    JH, my mom keeps plugging along in her ninety's. She 's says, I go to the KH for Jehovah.


  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    "I have even heard 2 of the GB express the desire to be alive on earth..............."

    Interesting comment Blondie.

    Their heavenly hope can't stand the test of time either, I guess.

    Aren't some people predispositioned or otherwise susceptible to religious delusions and experiences like a so called anointing though...?

    And if so, would their mental capabilities not be seriously impaired ...?

    Vincent Theo

  • blondie
    "I have even heard 2 of the GB express the desire to be alive on earth..............."

    Interesting comment Blondie.

    Their heavenly hope can't stand the test of time either, I guess.

    But the rest of the comment shows that they only wanted to see the end occur on earth. Then, they wanted to go to heaven. I'm sorry if that was not clear. They were not wishing to remain on earth forever, just to see the END.

    (smile) Blondie

  • BluesBrother

    Discouraged ? yes and no, in my experience..

    The older dubs of my acquaintance certainly did not expect to see 2006 in this system. As their bodies grow older I guess they feel disappointed. But they seem to have worked through that disappointment. I have heard some openly talk of expecting death and a resurrection to be their hope now, in which case this is not so far different from any other church that offers "life after death"

    The point is that they have invested so many years in the Borg that they cannot bring themselves to entertain the thought that they could have been wrong in their choice of religion. That would be too hard to bear , so they just carry on , what else can they do without facing reality?

  • JH

    One thing that would dissapoint me if I was old and still in the Org, is that even though there is a resurrection, the JW's teach that the resurrected ones won't enjoy SEX in the new system and if they were in love with their spouse, although they will meet again, they won't enjoy intimacy "sexuality" anymore together.

    But if the new system would have came as predicted, they would have been together forever in a perfect body......

  • delilah
    JH, my grandmother is very sick....I sat by her bedside yesterday, and thought to myself,"There had better be a new system for her, because she has believed in it for too many years, and how disappointed she will be, if she is not ressurrected to a paradise on earth". It makes me both sad, and angry, to see her slowly slipping away, and still holding fast to her beliefs. I do know, from what I've heard about other older ones, that yes, they are becoming very discouraged....

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