Weird day with a bit of a shock

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  • ballistic

    cheers me dears.

    I actually am just getting over a flu bug I posted about the other week which has left me temporarily (I hope) deaf in one ear, so when I heard about this, I really thought I had it.

  • stillajwexelder

    bloody hell that is worrying. Hope everything turns out well

  • fairchild

    Wow ballistic, that is a shocker indeed. But like you said, at least you know what's going on now. I wish your mate all the best and hope you didn't catch it. Please be careful, don't drink out of the same cup, clean door knobs and such regularly, wash your hands all the time... and let us know how the other tests come out once you have them.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Well I can't believe someone else has it!.My Daughter was diagnosed with TB Pluresy? (I can't spell it) a few months ago. She was really in a lot of pain. It wasn't supposed to be active but she was put on antibiotics and a few other drugs. Apparently stress caused it to flair up.

    She's OK now but any signs of breathing touble and she has to go back on antibiotics.

    She is in Illinois..(USA)

    Snoozy...who thought TB was gone...a lot I know.

  • ballistic

    Golden Girl, I hate to call your bluff, but TB has nothing to do with pluresy, they are totally different things. You must be clear about what she actually has. There is so much mis-information when this kind of thing crops up and googling just makes the misinformation worse. Sorry if I sound course, but I've seen family of my mate panicking over the last few days and one person saying "he must have HIV". It just gets ridiculous.

  • mouthy

    Keep on top of this .Have another Xray in 6 months just to make sure. Is your mate going to stay with you or going for a cure in an convalesant home as they used to do years,& years ago in my time??

  • zagor

    I think you better find another flat, even if you didn't get it yet (or don't show signs of it yet) is doesn't mean it can't happen if you 2 stay in the same flat. Particularly because it is winter time there, hence more indoor time and more exposure. RUN. (Just a friendly advice)

  • LittleToe


    It's going to be one of those nasty anti-biotic resistant strains that will give y'all a long, slow, lingering death, isn't it?

    Remind me not to shake your hand at Englishman's BBQ, next year, if you haven't got the all clear, okay?

  • ballistic
    I think you better find another flat, even if you didn't get it yet

    errrr. no. I've had some pretty good advice from the hospital. In fact I'm very ipmpressed by the level of care. The truth is, he has most probably had it for around one year. So I have been exposed to it, and a combination of my immune system and the inoculation I had as a child has been doing it's job and keeping me protected. Although the antibiotics have to be taken for 6 months, 95% of the bacteria will be killed within a few days, so he is immediately less infective.

    I think the opinion of the specialists is, if I have been living with it for a year and not caught it, why change now for a few days when he is rapidly being cleared of it.

    And little toe, you know better you bastard, I aint gunna be sick with anything come the next BBQ! You can count on it.

  • Golf

    Sorry to hear the news ballistic. One of my older brothers had been drafted by one of the major baseball teams but he came down with TB. This was back in the 50's. The hospital that handle such problems were located in the country (no city atmosphere,) there were plenty of pine trees surrounding the hospital. He didn't recover good enough to pursue his baseball career.

    The best to your mate and yourself.


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