The WTS 's fear of the internet

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  • stillajwexelder

    EXCELLENT answer, stillA.
    I have my moments

  • skyman
    Maybe they are just tired of all the pop-up ads and think that the pop-ups originate with the demons

    Damn I know it. What should I do the pop ups are going to get me. Here is another, evil demons be gone in the name of Jehovah, be gone you demons.

  • DavidChristopher

    what could be "wrong" with brothers and sisters sharing information? Jesus TOLD us to do it! I could be wrong though...can someone set me straight if I am. I can't think of 1 scripture that could even be twisted even close to state THAT as truth. My head is starting to spin again

  • Mysterious

    They fear the internet because it is the information super highway. The truth about the truth is out there and is only one misclick away. You could be well-meaning and trying to get in touch with brothers in other countries, but you could be contacting apostates to mislead your faith! Even pro-jw sites are prone to apostate messages being disseminated by vistors to the site and controls such as song numbers are easly circumvented. Plus even a completely secure pro-site. In the anonymity of the internet doubts may be given voice, things discussed out of a controlled setting, free thinking might occur. And we all know free thinking leads to a decline in cult membership..

  • DavidChristopher

    oh, ok. It is still so funny they fear the very thing they claim to posess. I hope I never end up in a spot like that. If I do, I would hope someone would try to rescue me. Guess that would tell me who really cares about me though. me. thanks for the tip! many blessings be upon you!!!

  • avishai
    Why do they fear the net so much if they have the truth as they like to parrot so often?

    Liars always fear alternate information.

  • Gill

    The fear the internet because, ....'the Truth will set you free!' And it does. The Watchtower is unable to deceive you any more once you can check on what they're saying. That's why they have attacked Quotes! But Quotes will be back. Hopefully, bigger and stronger than ever before.

  • Clam

    The internet is so huge globally that it's strange that it's not mentioned in Revelation. One of the four horsemen could have had a laptop in one hand and an AOL CD in the other.

  • DavidChristopher

    Perhaps he does

  • DannyHaszard

    Compare the Watchtower with the Methodist church,here in Bangor Maine area there are pleasant appealing Methodist church recruitment advertisments everywhere.They really know how to use the electronic media.

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