Santa came early!!!!! Check it out!!!!

by kittyeatzjdubs 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • under74

    CW- I like certain aspects of the pc but not all the stuff you have to do to keep viruses and worms away. Just yesterday one of my sisters was trying to get help because she kept getting a window saying a trojan was trying to gain access....her computer is down now. So is my mom's. These viruses and worms ae made for pcs...not macs. So we're fortunate in that way.

    (knock on wood)

  • JH

    Nice machine Jojo

  • jstalin

    He must have stopped by my place right after he dropped that off.

  • JAVA

    Nice laptot jojo--the Holidays arrived early for good little boys and girls. :)
    I use a Mac at home and PC at the office. I wish the JWD worked as well on Macs as it does on PCs. That's what I want for Christmas Simon--hint hint....

  • JAVA

    Case in point--I can't even go back and correct the mistake "laptot" on my Mac at home. :(

  • atypical

    Congrats - great present!! My laptop is almost worn out. I think I needs me a new Dell, too!

  • G Money
    G Money

    Congrats!!! Looks sweet!!! Remember, you can download free software from Limewire,well... if ya want it all!!!

    If you have a dvd burner pm me and I'll tell you what you need to copy DVDs and then you'll have an insane collection. I don't have TV service in my area so movies keep me from goin insane!

  • chrissy

    congrats jojo! nice lil machine...

    now arent you glad santa didnt bring you a baby this year...youd be all getting diapers and onesies instead. ;o)


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