Colts coach Dungy's son found dead

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    ;the media coverage of this young man's suicide was excessive in light of the gravity of other world events

    I'll try to remember that the next time a JW youth dies also dies of a self-inflicted wound, ie, no blood transfusion. It's just one person, after all, and it will also be a self-imposed death sentence.

    And I'll hope the media's coverage of that event won't be 'excessive' in light of the gravity of other world events --LDH

    False analogy, LDH. First, no death of any JW youth by suicide or for want of a blood transfusion has ever, in my experience, received the amount of media attention as the suicide of Tony Dungy's son has. Secondly, death caused by a refusal of certain medical procedures due to religious beliefs is certainly different than self-inflicted death, which necessarily involves an affirmative act (i.e., that of actually inflicting the mortal injury).

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    P.S. Lisa, I think you're on strike three now.

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