Have any weird home remedies?

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  • kittyeatzjdubs

    for warts, cover them in duct tape...i think it smothers them.

    my dad said that when he was young and they would get ringworm or any other fungus, my grandmother would get a black walnut, smash it up, and put it on top of the infected area. he said it worked everytime. whenever i got an earache, my uncle would blow some tobacco smoke from his pipe into my ear. i swear it worked like a charm everytime!

    luv, jojo

  • Butterfly75

    For hiccups

    fill a glass of water half full. Sit in a chair and put your head down between your legs. Then tip the cup backwards and drink water in that position. It cures hiccups everytime.

  • rebel8

    Kaylen, for your warts there is a less icky remedy. I had one square in the middle of my chin as a kid. Had it surgically removed several times using different methods and it always came back. It stopped coming back when I broke open a vitamin E capsule and put it on the wart 3x a day. B4 doing that (gross alert), I tied a piece of thread around it really tight until it fell off. Then the vitamin E gel went on the stub. (told you that was gross)

    For bleeding from the gums or mouth, put a regular tea bag on it. The chemicals in the tea reduce the bleeding. Regular nose spray like Neosnyphrine can be put on a cotton ball and applied directly to the bleed (oops-edited to add: nose spray is only used for nosebleeds, not mouth bleeds!). If you hurt yourself in a spot where you don't want a bruise, put a hot wash cloth on it to keep the blood from pooling, which causes the bruise. If you don't want swelling, put an ice pack on it. You just have to choose either bruising or swelling, LOL. (those are from my bleeding disorders org)

    For nausea or motion sickness, leave a piece of candied ginger in your mouth. Ginger tea and ginger ale work too. They work well but last only a short time so keep sipping.

  • Plummet

    Quit Dusting Your TV and Computer for good

    Clean your TV Screen or computer monitor as normal, then wipe the screen down with a downy dryer sheet. This also work very well with keeping dust of off shelves and nick nacks.

    No More Ice Cream Headache

    Next time you get an Ice Creme headache place your tounge on the roof of your mouth. The more pressure you apply the faster your brain freeze will go away.

    Ingrown Toenail

    Cover your toe with a Potatoe Wedge, the potatoe draws out the puss and infection. (Do not try to bite your toenails when its ingrown, I did this once (when I was flexable) and got a mouthful of toe puss)

    Slow your Heartbeat

    Next time your heart is racing (First date, Job interview, a talk for the meeting, ect) blow on your thumb. It will slow your heartrate.

    Thats all that I can remember for now

  • MsMcDucket

    Whenever I tear a fingernail down to the skin, I will put Orajel or Ambesol (not the kind with cloves) on it to numb it so it won't be so sensitive. It stings a little at first, but it helps to get rid of the pain.

  • jb

    When my daughter was born she slept all day and was up all night. My Mother said she had her days and nights mixed up and to fix it I would have to flip her. (I thought she had lost it for second)

    She told me to hold her out so that her feet were touching me and to gently "flip her"(head over toe)Please do not toss your babies!!! They do not like that!

    Well anyway...I did it and low and behold it worked. She slept threw the night ever since!

    And for earaches warm some garlic oil and use it as drops in your ear.

    Oh and I use abersol when I pluck my eyebrows...no pain.

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