Do you still keep track when the Circuit Overseer visits your congregation?

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  • JH

    When I first faded many years ago, I always wanted to know when the CO was visiting my congregation. I would always becareful during that week not to answer the door, just incase he came by. Avoiding them was my way to freedom.

    I didn't want him to bible talk me back to going to meetings.

    Probably when the CO is in town, he must try to visit all inactive ones?

    I remember once, he came at my door all alone. Knowing that I don't answer the door to the witnesses, and knowing that I didn't know him, he came alone trying to fool me, but he didn't fool me, cause I recognized the CO's car parked in front, so he never got to talk to me.

  • inbyathread

    I wanted to talk to our CO "alone" to prevent any two witness action against me, but he refused. He did show up unannounced with another elder at my doorstep one day.

    Having some alone time with him would have given you opportunity to ask some of those vital questions that you cannot ask the elders.

  • free2beme

    I don't refer to it as "your" or "my" congregation. Not a Witness anymore. I don't even know if the one I last attended, is even laid out the same in territory, as it changes a lot. In any case, don't know anything about the Witnesses, other then what comes out from time to time with relatives in and what I read here.

  • Jourles

    Yeah, you can always spot those Buick Regals coming a mile away(in MI it's a different story). And if the driver has a tie on, be worried even more.

  • Elsewhere

    *** Snort! ***

    Huh? What? C who?

  • serendipity

    It's amusing to me how attendance balloons at the meetings the week of the CO's visit. At our hall, we usually have a 50% increase in attendance at meetings that week. Why do people who don't care much at other times, care when the CO comes to visit? Does he really visit inactive ones? Or just inactive elders, MS, pioneers? I'm single sister nobody who's been in and out of inactivity for a decade. I've never had a CO visit. Thank goodness.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I doubt I'll bother keeping a check on CO visits. He wouldn't come to see me anyway as I am no longer a jw.

  • undercover

    Not intentially...but I have family still in and they make sure that I always know whenever a "special week of activity" is approaching.

  • Honesty

    While it is true I once was friends on a personal level with two of my former CO's I will not be visited again in the future because I am an apostate. Unless, they too have discovered the truth about the Watchtower Lie and have the guts to jump off that sinking ship of deception.

  • greendawn

    Yes Honesty being an apostate is to them the worst of the worse and they always make special mention of it that the dubs should avoid above all the apostates like the plague.

    They know that they can't stand up to their arguments because their entire WTS doctrine structure is rotten. So they keep the R&F away from the truth about truth.

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