Do you still keep track when the Circuit Overseer visits your congregation?

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  • Honesty
    They know that they can't stand up to their arguments because their entire WTS doctrine structure is rotten. So they keep the R&F away from the truth about truth.

    So true, Greendawn. And they are spiritually murdering the R&F with their lies at the same time they are denying them access to real truth that is not part of a screwed up fairy tale.

  • cheezy
    I remember once, he came at my door all alone. Knowing that I don't answer the door to the witnesses, and knowing that I didn't know him, he came alone trying to fool me, but he didn't fool me, cause I recognized the CO's car parked in front, so he never got to talk to me.

    Hey, just so you don't give in to full-blown, bug-sh*t paranoia!

    When I was doing my 'fade' the CO and PO called on me - a young single sister (23 year old virgin, too). They questioned me closely about sexual matters - disgustingly, I believe now that the CO was getting off on it. Damn! Anyway, the topper was they wanted to know specifically why I was not interested in marrying young Bro. B, a strong witness who was interested in me. I said we had dated but I was not in love with him. They clearly indicated that wasn't important - 'love could come in time.'

  • jeanniebeanz

    no... couldn't care less about what the little paper mache Napoleons are up to...


  • atypical

    Yes, because I know that there is more chance of the elders trying to visit me beforehand. As I understand it, the elders have to answer to CO each visit about what they have done to try to contact the inactive ones. So right before the CO comes, there is usually a stepped up effort on the part of the elders to give a "shepherding call". It happened to me just a few weeks ago. As long as I have family in the org, I will always have to be alert for the CO visit.

  • luna2

    Not really. Hell, I barely kept track when I was an active dub. The only one who's visits I cared about was the CO that I detested...just so I could be sure and stay completely away from him. Guy was a grade A jackass. Once he was assigned to some other poor, unsuspecting circuit, I lost all interest.

    I never cared for the whole CO dog and pony show anyhow. Like this guy is extra super holy and we should all bow down and slobber all over his feet. Yuck. Turned me right off.

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