JW dead at 83- duped for his entire life

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  • moshe

    I saw an obituary last week- and elder I knew from the beginning had died- a faithful JW dub to the end.. He was baptised in 1939. His parents were part of the Russell movement and died claiming to be annointed. I just wondered how anyone could spend his entire life being duped by the Watchtower propaganda. I left so many tracts at his KH in 1989-90, that they posted a guard in the parking lot to keep me from hand billing the cars. In fact I remember now going to his home on a book study evening and placing my tracts on every car and his door,too. I always put the tracts inside the gasoline cap door, if possible. That way they found it later when no other JW's were watching. Do you feel sorry for him?

    Had his chance to leave,


  • LDH


    The WBTS peddles a powerful drug. The promise of Life Without End-At Last (tm) . "Apparent" unconditional love, and fellowship with the "Happiest People on Earth" (TM)

    How you gonna compete with that? Their drug is every bit as powerful as meth, cocaine, or any other hallucinogenic.

    Yeah, I feel sorry for him and my parents and about 6 million other people.


  • stillajwexelder

    NO - he will get a resurection

  • AuldSoul

    Don't JWs watch obits as an opportunity to Witness? (nudge and a wink, know what I mean?)

    It is a shame to think of all the wasted human potential.


  • Ticker

    Some people are just content with it Moshe but its usually only thoese ones who enjoy a preprogrammed life. They like control and regularity. They have invested way too long into believing the Watctower and now have much to lose.


  • simplesally

    No, if he died feeling happy, content and that he made a mark with his life, then I am happy for him. It's hard to think about death when you are confused, disheartened, scared and hoping beyond hope that there is something after death. I am happy if he died with peaceful thoughts and a light heart.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I have an 83 year old dub in my family so I can relate. My emotions change toward old dubs. At times I feel anger at them for being so stupid and for spending their life trying to suck others into the foolishness. At other times I feel sorry for them because they are after all brainwash. Other times I amazed that someone can live so long and learn nothing. They are living proof the Watchtower hasn't a clue about what is going on. You'd think at some point they would catch on.

  • Tigerman

    I imagine the Governing Body is overjoyed with the fact that they were able to keep someone in for so very long. Keep that money comin' on in !

  • Ticker
    It's hard to think about death when you are confused, disheartened, scared and hoping beyond hope that there is something after death.

    Very true.


  • stillAwitness

    I see that happenning with my own parents. My mother is so into the DUB ways its heart-wrenching to see her sometimes.

    But that is where they find their comfort. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss.

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