JW dead at 83- duped for his entire life

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  • ozziepost


    my friend:

    NO - he will get a resurection
    Are you serious (or was this tongie-in-cheek)?
  • hamsterbait


    How many people did he shun and make miserable in that time? How many families did he break up with the specious reasoning of the WBTS?

    How many people did he hate after Freddie proved that Jesus didn't really mean "love thine enemy"? How many 'postates would he have stoned to death, had it been legal?

    How many died because he convinced them thay should bleed to death to please God?

    I only feel sorry that he can never discover just how evil and lying the cult he disseminated for 65 years really is.


  • DannyHaszard

    I am 3rd gen of a 4 generation Haszard devout JW clan,includes all inlaws.My elders squandered their entire lifes,money,familys EVERYTHING for the promise of the 'new system any day'.

    Danny keeps a vigil on all JW/WT keywords on the news wires there are a lot more JW obits this is because the baby boomers are dying off and more small town newspapers are feeding into the news wires.

    Soon if they succeed the WT will have a whole new generation (mostly minorities,immigrants) of followers.This is scary,80%of Jonestown murder victims were non-white too.

  • Elsewhere
    I always put the tracts inside the gasoline cap door, if possible. That way they found it later when no other JW's were watching.

    lmao! That is an awsome idea!

  • greendawn

    He certainly felt disappointed for the end that never was and so he never got his salvation from old age and death finally, he certainly saw no paradise. All promises failed.

    How many times in his long life as a JW, they told him the end was so near but it was always staying tantalisingly far in the distance.

    And contrary to what the JWs say only the saints get their resurrection first, the rest of the dead after the 1000 years end.

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