I can't believe they had the nerve to come back!!!

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  • AlmostAtheist

    >> Please follow up on your threat! Call the legal department right
    >> away. These guys are not afraid of the police - that is just
    >> persecution and they feel like martyrs. But they do fear the
    >> society and will hear from them most likely.

    Oh yeah! Do that. Imagine the looks on their faces and the lame excuses they give to when Legal calls them... Beauty!


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I'm sorry I am so late in posting an update. I finally couldn't take sniffling, coughing and sneezing anymore after 6 weeks and went to the doctors. I have a ear infection and a sinus infection. Taking my antibiotics faithfully and drinking lots of water...Also, doing all that regular Mommy stuff like attending my oldest son's Christmas Pagent, laundry, cleaning, taking care of the animals, etc.

    So with all that said.....here is an update!

    I called the WTS legal department and after being transferred and put on hold a few times I was lucky because I got to speak to the same person as last time and he actually remembered me (probably from looking in his secret files).

    I told him that Elder BW had come to our home and was asking for my husband and that he had said we would not receive anymore visits.

    He said that he had sent a letter and called each congregation that we were affiliated and told them that no more return visits were to be made to our house.

    He asked me if my husband or I knew this Elder personally - if he was a friend?

    I said, this elder seems to like to be involved in our family business. When my husbands parents separated he sat down with my father in law and wrote love letters quoting song of songs - it sounded like very bad soft core pornography. And it might have actually worked if he hadn't told his wife and it got out to the whole congregation.

    The poor guy on the phone started coughing and he said "ok".

    I told him that this same Elder did the talk at my husbands Grandmothers funeral and called my husbands grandmother by the wrong name 5 times during the service and even asked people in the funeral home to open up their bibles and look at certain scriptures. I told him that our family was highly offended because he was obviously trying to earn converts. I also asked him, how many people bring a bible to a funeral home....besides Jehovahs Witnesses.

    I stated again, that I didn't want any more visits or phone calls. I also said that I felt this was completely inappropriate that these 2 men came to my house during the day when they knew my husband was at work. I told him it made me feel very uncomfortable because I was home alone with my children.

    He said that he understood how it could make someone feel uncomfortable.

    I told him - that I had not called the police this time but if there was a next time I would be calling the police and I would file a report for harrassment and trespassing.

    He said - If your husband doesn't want to be associated as one of Jehovahs Witnesses any longer he should write a letter.

    I told him, you and I have been through this before. My husband wants to be left alone, he does not choose to be disassociated or disfellowshipped at this time, and he does not want to speak to any of the brothers at this time because their behavior has really stumbled him. He is very confused why elder after elder would not follow the societies or the bibles rules.

    I again mentioned how my sister in laws and my mother in laws were treated in JC's and how the elders had sent my husband out in service with a single unmarried sister, how they had gone into my medical records and violated my privacy. That these actions really were troubling to my husband and he wanted to be left alone to pray.

    I asked him if my husband had been disfellowshipped or was considered disassociated. He said no that they would not do either of those things without sending a letter to my husband asking to meet with him.

    He said that he personally would call Elder BW and speak to him and reiterate that we should be left alone.

    I thanked him and told him that I hoped that this time BW would follow the societies instructions, but if he chooses not to I would be calling the police and filing a complaint for harrassment and trespassing. I also informed him, my neighbor is a police officer and very aware of the situation with the JW's because they knock on her door when she has told them repeatedly not to knock on her door during the day because she is a day sleeper!

    He asked what her address was and I told him.

    I thanked him again and said I hope I wouldn't have to be speaking to him again.

    He said " Have a nice day and that he was sure he wouldn't be speaking to me again"

    So that's all folks.............I don't know what if anything will happen now. He was very nice and polite. I was happy I stayed calm and didn't act like a crazy wacko...LOL!


  • Crumpet

    You have balls Chrystal! Wow! and thanks for the update. I wish I was so ready with the right words like you are!

    When my mother and father in law separated Elder BW sat down with my father in law and wrote a love letter quoting song of songs and all these other things that bordered really bad soft core porn to my MIL. He made a mistake though he told his wife, and she told everyone in the congregation and it got back to my MIL! She was not happy about that.

    When my husband and I found out about it we laughed our a** off.

    I could do with a good laugh - you don;t happen to have a copy of the porno note do you?! LOL!

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Believe me Crumpet, you don't want to read that....unless of course you've been poisoned and need to induce vommitting!

    If you saw my MIL & FIL and then read the notes....you'd completely understand why hubby and I were so grossed out!

    And I guess I have been lucky the Jw's have showed up on my grumpy, fed up too much to do days.....otherwise I might be nice.

    I'm usually nice to most people!


  • Honesty
    He said " Have a nice day and that he was sure he wouldn't be speaking to me again"

    That's the same thing most of them say after I give them a good witness about Christ's love for them.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Well, I am guessing the English speaking congregation Elders don't speak to the Spanish Elders in our local KH.

    On Christmas Eve, we had a visit from 2 very nice Spanish speaking sisters.

    I simply said....No Quiero Jehovah y Watchtowero Magazino- Feliz Navidad y prospero ano nuevo and I closed the door.

    Since I left California my spanish has definately not improved. LOL!

    Does anyone know of any brochures about the blood situation and silentlambs in Spanish?


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