I can't believe they had the nerve to come back!!!

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  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Just officially finished my Christmas shopping and came home to drop everything off before I had to go pick up our oldest son at Kindergarten.

    I ran out to check the mail before leaving and 2 elders were walking up our steps.

    One of them has been to our house before and he is the same one who did the despicable funeral talk at my husbands Grandmothers funeral.

    The conversation goes:

    Me - What are you doing here? I called the WTS Legal office and your organisation has been informed that if you come to our home, call or send us mail you will be trespassing and it will be considered a form of harrassment and I will call the police.

    Elder BW - We came to see if ________ was home so we could speak to him about his intentions?

    Me - Unlike you, my husband actually works for a living, he's at work like most decent people during the day! That still doesn't explain why you would come back here. I told you to your face not to come here again. You are very lucky its the holiday season or I would call the police on you right now. Get off my property and do not come back. I am calling the Legal Department again and letting them know what you have done. I was promised there would be no more visits.

    Elder BW looks very shocked.

    Elder BW - We just want to speak to __________?

    Me - He knows where to find you, if he wanted to see or talk to you he could pick up the telephone book at anytime. Do not come back here again.

    Then they turned to walk away...and I added.

    Me - Actually you can come back just as soon as you can prove to me using the bible only that Jehovah uses an organisation here on earth and that its you guys - The Jehovahs Witnesses. Ohhh, you won't find that in there....so I guess you won't be coming back!

    I called my husband who was eating lunch and he started choking and laughing at the same time.

    I cannot believe they had the nerve to come back here again!


  • kls

    You go tiger,,,,,,,,,,,,,,love it!!!!

  • Dune

    wow. If only i could see you do that to an elder i know.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Elder BW is pretty much on my Sh*t list. He has meddled far too much in our family life!

    Although I don't like my mother in law very much. When my mother and father in law separated Elder BW sat down with my father in law and wrote a love letter quoting song of songs and all these other things that bordered really bad soft core porn to my MIL. He made a mistake though he told his wife, and she told everyone in the congregation and it got back to my MIL! She was not happy about that.

    When my husband and I found out about it we laughed our a** off.


  • jeanniebeanz

    Eh, Georgia... they are just slow learners is all...


  • blondie

    Why Georgia, you don't matter, you are only a woman and a wife and a non-JW. Only your husband matters. Unless they hear it directly from him, nothing you say matters. Next time, call the police. Now why would 2 elders come when ordinary people are at work, eh?


  • JH

    I figure that you're df'd.

  • Odrade

    LMAO! Yeah, I'm with Blondie, you should have called the police. Can you imagine the looks on their faces then?

  • Legolas

    LOL...I agree I would have called the police!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Please follow up on your threat! Call the legal department right away. These guys are not afraid of the police - that is just persecution and they feel like martyrs. But they do fear the society and will hear from them most likely.

    I think you will have seen the end of them after that. Expect though that they will da hubby if he is a witness. They have to get a pound of flesh to save face.


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